Heroes Season 3, Episode 17: Cold Wars


This review contains minor spoilers

This review contains minor spoilers

If you’ve wanted the heroes to finally band together and work as a team, then I suppose that this is an episode of interest for you. I guess. At the end of last episode, Bennet was drugged and taken off by Matt, Mohinder and Peter. Their plan is to go through Noah Bennet’s mind to find any relevant information that will help them to gain the upper hand against Nathan, Danko, and the government. 

The problem lies in two things: the trust that Matt, Mohinder, and Peter have for one another, and the level of expertese Noah has in his years as a Company man. The three end up at each other’s throats, and that’s even before Noah has a chance to wake up and start playing with their emotions. Even as a hostage, HRG knows how to work a situation in his favor.

We get to see how Noah got involved with Danko and Nathan’s operation. As they learn more about the enemy, they get caught up in even more trouble then they can handle.


Rate it: 3

I’ve been very hard on Heroes, as many of the viewers have as of late. This was a solid episode, and I didn’t findf much fault in it. I liked the tension of the three heroes not completely trusting one another, and the heroes taking the fight to the government. The Fugitives volume could be leading up to an exciting climax, and I don’t think I have been disappointed thusfar. 

Dry Slaps: 2

How come the lady at the bar wasn’t the least bit suspicious at three men suddenly wanting to carry this guy out. Did Matt manipulate her mind? That would have been good to show him erasing traces of them being there with noah. 

Also, I’m tired of the painting the future gimmick. It’s so damn tired. I thought that the best use of it was in Season 1, with future Hiro being badass, future Sylar and future Peter.

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