Heroes Season 3, Episode 19: Shades of Gray



Sometimes, it’s good for a child to find its long lost father. Other times, like in the case of Gabriel, otherwise known as Sylar, it’s not the most pleasant of experiences. In any case, finding an estranged father does help to find closure on some old questions and concerns. What this meeting does for Sylar can only bee seen in the episodes to come.

While Sylar takes a ride to finally meet his father, Claire is confronted by the creepy Doyle, the puppet master who first toyed with her family in a memorable Volume 3 episode. Doyle was led by Rebel to seek out Claire for help. Maybe Rebel should have figured that Claire and Doyle aren’t the best of friends. Claire has a free pass, though, and that is likely why she has to see Doyle’s face again.

Matt Parkman is stuck at the Capitol building in DC, explosives on his chest and no way to use his powers to make an escape. It’s a very tense moment becuase at any moment Matt could be shot dead or explode. It’s highly likely considering that Matt Parkman isn’t in the top teir of characters in this series.

Danko and Nathan have it out over Danko’s decision to put Matt in public, making him out to be a terrorist. The distrust between these two is building, and it’s only a matter of time before Danko discovers that Nathan has a lot in common with the people he wants to hunt down. Danko already wonders how Nathan pops up in different places in a short amount of time. Nathan sure is sloppy! That, coupled with Tracy saying that Nathan is “one of us” leads Danko right down the trail of Nathan having powers. Can he prove it, though?


Rate It: 4

A really good episode! I think that there is a lot to love here, from Sylar meeting his dad (played by serial evil father, John Glover), to Nathan and his problems with Danko, to Doyle and Claire. I love Doyle’s response to Claire when she asks if his word were sincere. Classic.

Dry Slaps: 1

Claire working at a comic book store is SOOOOO corny! I really hate that angle.

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