Heroes Season 3, Episode 20: Cold Snap

The following review contains major spoilers

The following review contains major spoilers



Who is my favorite hero? Well, after this episode I’d have to say Matt Parkman Jr! it turns out that Hiro and Ando have been led to Matt Parkman’s son because this happy toddler is very special, indeed. How special? Well let’s just say that Hiro is really happy that he’s had the opportunity to meet this child. Toddler Touch and Go must be protected at all costs!

At the home of the hunter,  Danko, he is shocked to find a “present” in his home, the recaptured puppet master, Doyle. There’s not a long list of people who could or would havedefeated Doyle and left him for Danko. The question is why.

In New York, the government is onto Angela Petrelli’s trail, so she has to go underground. With nowhere to turn, she goes to an old friend (an unexpected and welcome cameo from Swoosie Kurtz  of Pushing Daisies) for help. Can’t feel too sorry for Angela. After all, most of what’s happening is a direct effect of what she set in motion.

The government may have gotten the best of the heroes, but Building 26 has problems of its own. Tracy Strauss is suddenly given the chance to escape, from the mysterious Rebel, who finally decides to show his face. I know many people might have figured out who Rebel was, but for me it took two episodes. It’s none other than Tracy’s nephew she never knew she had, Micah. Micah’s been selfless in his attempts to free his fellow heroes, but he also wanted to help one of the only family members he has left. 

Sadly for him, Tracy decides after all the bad choices she has made in her life, for all the people she’s killed (she’s got a record of 6 in all, I believe) and for al her scheming, she will make the ultimate sacrifice. I think this is the most appropriate time to say that I never hated Ali Larter on Heroes. In fact, I don’t know why they killed off her first character in season 2. I know alot of Heroes fans wanted to see her dead (again), so here you go. 

I don’t really know the feeling for the Daphne character, but I liked her as well. I would have loved to see more of a speedster running around heroes, but she had a nice sendoff. Now I guess Matt will have to find someone his own age. Hey, maybe he’ll go back with his ex wife. I forget now, but didn’t they break up because she cheated on him? Even if that’s so, I think that them as a couple was more believable.


Rate it: 4

Now this was a very good episode. I think the surprise deaths of Daphne and Tracy put it over the top. I also thought that Hiro and Ando had a great moment where Hiro discusses his issues with his mother and father. Where’s his sister, by the way? I’m elated whenever Hiro actually gets to be a character instead of simply a joke.

Dry Slaps: 0

I think i’ll skip the slapping for this episode in memory of Daphne Millbrook and Tracy Strauss. I’m not so sure that Tracy’s dead, though. O a second viewing, What’s left of tracy, part of her eye, gives a very obvious wink at the camera.

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