Heroes Season 3, Episode 4: I am Become Death

This review contains minor spoilers.

Episode 4 opens with the troubled Doctor, Mohinder Suresh. Apparently, injecting yourself with a drug made from the hormones of a super-powered human gives you a splitting headache, and having domestic violence happen in your apartment complex doesn’t make the problem any better. Heroes, taking its cue from nearly every lifetime original movie ever made, makes the abusive husband a racist on the side, which gets him a nice whalloping courtesy of Reptileman Suresh.

At the home of Dr. Zimmerman, Tracy Strauss learns of her true origins, of her relationship to Niki and Jessica. We learn that heroes are not just born. Sometimes, they are made. Matt Parkman’s still stuck in Africa, dying to know who this mystery woman in his future is. The African painter gives him a concoction which allows him to see the future, which makes the Painter’s ability seem like it’s not so useful if everyone can do it if they get high. So Matt Parkman gets to see into the future, as do we all. Future Peter Petrelli, who seems to have become a badass biker, takes along his younger self to stop this whole future mess. What’s wrong with the future this time? IN this season, there are not just a cute few who have amazing abilities, but anyone who can afford to be given abilities. So Screwup #1, Mothinder Suresh, and Screwup #2, Peter, have created yet another catastrophic mess. You know, if someone just killed either of these two, you wouldn’t need anybody to save the future. It’s revealed that there is a superpowered war between the Haves and the Givens

In the present, the Batman and Robin of Heroes are stuck in a Company prison, alone with their growing mistrust of one another. Nathan Petrelli, on the track to become a more powerful politician, provides us some lame product placement and Mr. Linderman being his creepy zombie ghost whatever self. I guess even after you have your head scrambled by a man who can phase through matter, you can’t help pushing your agenda forward.

Back to the future, where Mohinder Suresh has become a scaly, nasty full blown lizard who isn’t as incredible a creature as I thought he would be. Even more frightening than Suresh’s transformation is what Sylar has become- a daddy and a long lost Petrelli brother. It’s good to have a little humor and some surreality in this show. For once, it’s not Hiro and Ando who are the comic relief. Past Peter and Future Sylar have a chat, after which we learn about Matt’s future wife, the speedster Daphne. Daphne looks a lot better in the future, but I wish she was wearing a more revealing outfit, like in the past. Daphne is part of Future Claire’s group who oppose Future Peter, and view him as a villain. Peter’s visit to the future has an explosive climax, which ties into Matt Parkman’s tragic future.

Reptileman Suresh has a tiff with Maya, who has found out a way to lose her accent faster than anyone could ever do as an American immigrant. Suresh’s genius find, obviously, wasn’t perfect, and the man who made the discovery is now paying the price. Nathan meets Tracy Strauss again. She has made a life choice, but Nathan is there to persuade her to rethink things.

Hiro finally meets with Angela, which will hopefully lead to Hiro becoming a proper part of the plot, rather than just the plot on the side. Hiro is told that there is a way to make things right after losing both parts of the formula. If you remember Angela Petrelli’s nighmarish dream, then you know what this is leading to. Hiro calls Daphne a nemesis, but Hiro has forgotten so soon that there are other people who hate him even more.

Rate It: 4

Season 3 of heroes does not have me on the edge of my seat, but it sure does try. Maybe if they focused on fewer characters or brought some characters together, I would like each episode more.

Dry Slaps: 1

Heroes can’t escape my eye for weakened writing. I have my arms crossed that an episode is just so great that it makes me overlookany nitpicks I can come up with.

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