Heroes Season 3, Episode 5: Angels and Monsters

This review contains minor spoilers

This review contains minor spoilers

Claire’s “sleepover retreat” turns out to be a rouse. Wow, shocker. Should we be surprised that a teenager would lie to her parents in order to get away? Claire goes on her own to capture (or maybe kill) some of the Company’s Level 5 escapees on her own. So she arms herself with a taser bought from a pawn shop to go up against people like, Stephen Canfield, who can create vortexes; or L5er Eric Doyle, whose powers are too horrible to even mention, I guess. Her adoptive mother figures that her daughter’s lied to her once again, so Claire’s birth mother volunteers to bring her back.

We learn that Linderman can be seen by not only Nathan but also the speedster Daphne, and we also find out why he’s still around. Daphne begins the recruitment effort for Linderman, which she’s not too willing to be a part of. Daphne might be a thief, but she always states that she’s not a killer.

Maya (finally) learns about the gross side effects to the serum Mohinder has inflicted upon himself. It’s about time this girl gets the hint that her new boyfriend isn’t really helpful, and he’s bad news.

Noah Bennet still has to pal around with Sylar as his partner. He tolerates having a murderer by his side, but Noah proves that although he’s always cared for his family, he’s still a devious, calculating individual.

Hiro and Ando free Adam Munroe from his coffin, and he leads them right into the hands of Daphne and the L5er, Knox. Hiro and Ando are part of one of the most startling moments of the show, when they try to talk things over with Daphne and Knox.

A shocking revelation about Nathan comes to light when Nathan confronts his mother for answers. It appears that Nathan wasn’t exactly the favorite son of the family. Sylar should be happy that he was given up for adoption, because the Petrelli parents were underhanded as hell. Something comes up in this scene that is again, confusing. Niki and Tracy are two of the triplets we’ve already met. Who was Jessica? That is the name of someone who died, but another sister named Barbara is always mentioned. Where does Jessica fit into all of this? Will Barbara show up somehow? I guess I need a remedial course in Heroes, because that family tree makes my head ache.

Heroes continues to keep its villains theme alive. Heroes are becoming villains, and vice versa. Now, we also have a proper Big Bad, a character we’ve heard about in past seasons, but have never seen. “Building an army?” Now that’s what I’m looking forward to seeing in this season of Heroes!

Rate it: 4

I look forward to this show week after week, no doubt about it. I almost thought of giving this a 5, but I did have my issues with this episode. I enjoyed all the reveals and new information in “Angels and Demons;” they were quite surprising.
Dry Slaps: 2

Andre Royo’s (The Wire) portrayal of the vortex creating Canfield isn’t as impressive as his role in the HBO series The Wire. Well, Few shows are as well written as The Wire, so it’s hard to see Heroes writers giving him substantial lines to say in a guest spot. The lines they wrote for him were stale, so it was hard to feel emotion for his character.

The other dry slap goes to, again, the writing. I cannot fully excuse Heroes for being weak in some spots when it comes to telling a story.

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