Heroes Season 3, Episode 7: Eris Quod Sum

This review only contains minor spoilers

This review contains minor spoilers

Hiro and Ando are told by Usutu that “evil forces are gathering” and it’s up to them to either stop it or just let things take their own course. Hiro doesn’t want to journey into the past again, lest it make horrific changes to the future. Maybe Hiro’s finally learned his lesson.

At Mohinder Suresh’s lab, Nathan Petrelli and Tracy Strauss confront Suresh, who’s turned into a warped scientist. They escape his clutches before he can experiment on them, use their blood to find a solution to his and Maya’s abilities. Suresh is greedy, though: he wants to retain his super strength, agility and ability to stick on walls. Before Nathan and Tracy can put Mohinder down, he leaps away, with Maya in his arms.

Peter has been “grounded” by his father. Arthur Petrelli has the ability to take other’s powers and make them his own. This makes three people in the Petrelli family who have that ability, and they all use it in different ways. I feel like this is a plot hole, because I swore that in season one they said that Peter and Nathan’s dad committed suicide. I guess we’re supposed to overlook that. Oh well!

Claire and Mrs. Bennet escaped the clutches of a weirdo puppet master only to find more trouble at their doorstep. Elle comes to the unlikeliest of people to look for help, because without The Company on her side, and with her father dead, there’s no on left to turn to . Now I may be called a pig for this, but Elle and Claire being on the same side, being friendly with each other, is super hot. It’s great that Claire’s finally found a friend- a super hot friend who happens to have starred in one of my favorite shows (Veronica Mars). to me, this is a dream team that should have come together a long time ago.

Elle and Claire decide to go to Pinehearst to find a possible cure for themselves. They reach there just in time to witness the result of a family squabble. Without his powers, Peter could easil die, but he luckily does not have any mortal injuries after being thrown through a window by his long lost brother; Sylar isn’t as loyal to his father after all.

Through Peter, Nathan learns that his father is alive and well. Nathan’s reaction was just what I was looking for; he gets pissed, and he vows to take the fight to his father. I know he has no chance, unless he has some good tactics up his sleeve, but I like that he’s going to get involved in some heroics.

We end where we began, with Hiro and Ando trying to formulate a plan to take on all of these villains and exploit their weaknesses. Usutu figures that if Hiro will not use his abilities to go into the past, there is another way to take a look back in time. If you were curious as to what was in Usutu’s gooey concoction, I hope you had a pen and pad. I don’t think that’s exactly something that would taste good in reality, but Hiro sure seemed to like it!

Rate It: 4

I’m still waiting for an episode that defines this season. I don’t think this episode reached those heights for me.

Dry slaps: 1

There are some corny lines in this episode. “You’re grounded?” Oh boy, that line was cringe-inducing.

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