Misfits – Series 2 Episode 1 – Review

E4’s Misfits returns to our screens for it’s sophomore season (or just plain old Series 2 for us Brits). But can the BAFTA award-winning drama live up to all the hype?

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Episode Recap

A mourning Kelly receives an anonymous note (from “Superhoodie” who appears to be stalking the Misfits) telling her to “Go to his grave”. And so our four remaining Misfits assemble at (buried-alive) Nathan’s tombstone. In her mind Kelly hears him, er, “knocking one out”, and on realising he is still alive they unearth him and just like that we are back to five. During an art therapy day for the mentally ill at the community centre, strange things start happening (most notably Alisha getting naughty with Simon) and we soon realise that there is a shape-shifter (mentally ill Lucy) in the mix with an unhealthy obsession with Simon, and a grudge against the Misfits. Lucy also discovers that Simon murdered Sally (probation worker number 2). Paranoia sets in as Lucy takes various forms and the Misfits don’t know who to trust. Suspicion falls upon Shaun (probation worker 3) and fisticuffs ensue, ending with Kelly lobbing a fire extinguisher into his face. Goodbye probation worker 3. Or not… Curtis rewinds time (Shaun lives -phew!). Despite the use of a codeword – “monkey slut” anyone? – the shape-shifting Lucy manages to fool them all and “kill” Nathan. She is about to kill Curtis, when he is rescued by “Superhoodie” (who then vanishes – though not literally). They find Lucy. She tells Simon she is going to take his form and confess to the murder of Sally. Alone together inside the police interrogation room, the real Simon apologises to his doppelgänger for ignoring her, confessing he is the happiest he’s ever been and that he didn’t want his new friends to know he’d been committed to a mental institute. She forgives him, telling the police it was all just a joke. Ever the gentleman, Simon offers to walk her home. Later, at night, the Misfits row out to the centre of the lake and dump Sally’s body. Superhoodie is watching.


Those of us who watched and loved season 1 of Misfits have been eagerly awaiting it’s return since it left our screens (with a wonderfully claustrophobic cliffhanger) last December. Over the past few weeks the publicity campaign has been in full-on hyperdrive and it seems everywhere I turn I spot a Misfit (buses, Twitter, Facebook, BFI Southbank). So, what with us old fans and hopefully lots of new ones, season 2 has a lot to live up to. This had made me a little anxious, but, luckily, I need not have worried.

It was full of everything we’ve come to expect of a great Misfits episode. The cast were on top form delivering Howard Overman’s sharp script with ease. Robert Sheehan has gone from being that irritating little you-know-what to being one of my favourite people to watch, and his ever intensifying relationship with Kelly (which started all way back in season 1) has made me really warm to him. They covered all the “business” of getting Nathan back from the dead pretty well I thought. Leaving the rest of the episode to slowly but steadily build up the tension, helped by some great editing and creepy music and a grotesque shape-shifting scene in front of the bathroom mirror. As usual I found myself laughing out loud many a time at the brilliant one-liners and I cannot wait to find out who this parkour-loving ninja hoodie is. I wonder if we’ll have to wait for the finale. Even though I’m aware that the two “murders” have thus far been in self defence, I do find something truly unsettling about seeing Simon stare at Sally’s dead body nestling between the Cornettos in the freezer, and seeing the Misfits dump a body in the lake. It gives an added eeriness to the show, as does the hauntingly beautiful cinematography (or, maybe I just like the look of the bright orange jumpsuits against the much greener looking community centre walls :D).

The Good

  • Soundtrack – “properly good tunes” says the E4 site – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Cure…need I say more?
  • Nathan and Kelly discuss their plans to do the naughty- Hardly romantic but my inner tween loves every moment between these two. *swoons*
  • ‘Alisha’ seducing *ahem* Simon – I knew something wasn’t quite right, but it was still good to watch.
  • Simon asking Alisha out on a date – “we could go for a pizza and some dough balls”.
  • ‘Alisha’ shape-shifting into Lucy in the bathroom mirror. Pretty creepy and eerie I thought.
  • Kelly sticking up for Simon. She’s a sensitive girl at heart is our Kelly. Her mind-reading seems to be an extension of her natural empathy for others.
  • Kelly punches and kills the new probation worker. She’s also one hell of a tough nut!
  • Simon versus Simon – Iwan Rheon gets to have fun displaying his fine acting talents. Simon tells Lucy he’s the happiest he’s ever been in his life, awwwww *sobs*

The bad

  • Potentially confusing for the uninitiated. What with shape-shifting and a fairly fast paced episode, it might be difficult at times to follow if you aren’t up to speed with all of their character traits and relationships. Though, with 4oD there really is no excuse. On the plus side, I think this was a good thing for the fans, we get to jump straight back in.
  • Admittedly when Shaun died a tiny part of me was thinking “again? Really?”, but that’s because I tend to forget that Curtis can turn back time. I was caught out this time around, though I’m probably the only one. Next time I will be ready. So this isn’t really a negative as it didn’t actually happen. Well, it did, but, you know what I mean.
  • Not the best episode for Curtis and Alisha here – maybe I am just being biased as I am in love with Kelly, Nathan and Simon. Hopefully they will get some more interesting stuff to do in the next few episodes as it wouldn’t be Misfits without them.

Best line

It’s a toss up between “I appear to have shat Myself” -Nathan (who else?) and “so you didn’t shit yourself this time?” -Kelly (to Nathan)



I think I’ve made it quite obvious I’m a fan. I think this episode deserves a 5 but I’m thinking I’m a bit overexcited so I’ve reined myself in and given it a 4.

I’ll be reviewing the rest of Misfits Season 2 (hence me reviewing an Episode already previewed by Geek Syndicate – just wanted to get into the groove of things).

So, until next time.



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  1. Dazzoboy /

    haha i loved it when they killed the 3rd probation worker me and my parents where sat in the living room laughing our heads off at it because they assumed it was the girl and i would have to say another great line was “your lying…. but it’s 5 o’clock and i couldn’t give a shit” (shaun) haha

  2. There are just so many great lines, I could put most of the script on here 🙂

  3. I’ve just spent an hour trying to identify the song that plays at 43:45 with the lyric “does it all come down to me”. No joy – anyone else know?
    It’s a fantastic show for the music alone!

  4. It’s a smashing show – an absolute gem

  5. faye /

    pleeeeeeeeease couls someone tell me who the super hoodie is??? 😀

    • Ash /

      Simon from the future 🙂 He’s hawwt 😉

  6. Harry /

    what does Kelly say at…
    season 2
    episode 5

    The guy sais- I used to see all these guys with their girlfriends, I had no-one.
    And Kelly sais- Well that’s what happens when you……
    I can’t understand what she sais there.
    Please please please help me as this has been driving me crazy for 3 days now!

    • Sande /

      thats whot hapens when you nock girls around

  7. brian /

    I like it when Nathan says, ” Can we stop killing our probation workers?”

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