Misfits – Series 2 Episode 2 – Review

Episode Recap *spoilers*

The episode begins with Nathan taking his clothes off (much to Kelly’s delight), applying suntan lotion in a way that only Nathan can. Meanwhile, an unknown man is driving frantically; in his boot is a gagged and bound Dexter Fletcher. He arrives at the community centre and announces to Nathan that he is his brother (from another mother), Jamie. A confused Nathan leaves his dad a message on his answer phone. He goes to the pub with his brother and tries it on with the bartender who is, literally, a cold b*tch, prone to freezing anything she touches. She is unimpressed by Nathan’s advances, for he is, as she puts it, a bouffant haired w*nker. After discovering her “power”, Nathan reveals to her that he is also a “storm-freak”. Jamie tells Nathan that he went to visit their father for the first time. The encounter did not got well (apparently he was more interested in watching Masterchef) and ended in Jamie hitting him in the face with a toaster and shoving him in the boot of the car. Unfortunately, the car is  stolen by another bunch of ne’er-do-wells and a panic-stricken Nathan decides he will distract the thieves, in true Nathan style, whilst Jamie makes off with the car. The plan works but the police arrive.

Later, at the police station, Nathan’s dad explains to him why he never told anybody about Jamie. They have an argument and his dad walks away (with his “tiny legs”). Alisha catches a glimpse of Superhoodie and records him on her phone. She shows the other Misfits and Nathan tells them he he was previously rescued by Superhoodie. Nathan arrives at the club (in spectacular slow motion) with Jamie and Bartender Girl. They all decide to take drugs, apart from Simon whose drink is spiked by Jamie. The drugs appear to reverse (sort of) the Misfits powers. Curtis flash-forwards to a future where he is dressed in a cape, super-hero style, and is being seduced by a woman we haven’t yet met. Instead of men being possessed with lust when they touch her, Alisha now evokes disgust. Simon is Mr Popular and people just can’t stop looking at him. Rather than reading the minds of others, Kelly can’t stop herself from telling Nathan exactly what is on hers, confessing that sometimes she thinks she loves him. Outside Jamie and Bartender Girl are getting hot and heavy in the car but it starts to get too hot for Bartender Girl who begins to spontaneously combust. In the toilets Simon tells Nathan to be careful; if everyone’s powers have been reversed he will no longer be immortal. Outside Nathan sees Jamie’s car on fire and rushes to save him. The car explodes. Luckily the seemingly omnipresent Superhoodie comes to the rescue once again but not in time to save Bartender Girl. A wounded Superhoodie flees and Nathan is relieved to find that Jamie has made a lucky escape.

Simon thinks he has followed Superhoodie home, but aware that he is being followed Superhoodie leads him to somebody else’s flat. Nathan tells Jamie what happened during the storm and explains, “big reveal”, that he is now immortal. His brother begs him to visit their dad and patch things up. They get to his house and (after punching each other in the face), Nathan explains why he is there. His dad tells him that Jamie is dead; he has just got back from identifying the body. Nathan realises that due to his immortality/having died, he can now see and converse with dead people and that his brother must have died in the car explosion. Jamie has brought him to their dad’s house so that they can start rebuilding their relationship. A reluctant Nathan makes his first steps towards doing so.

The Misfits break into what they think is the flat of Superhoodie. Curtis comes face to face with flash-forward lady asking them what exactly they are doing in her flat.


The second series of Misfits started with a cracking episode last week and I was very pleased to hear it attracted almost one million viewers. This week was a Nathan-centric episode, and, considering that, surprisingly somber. We had drug taking/spiking and it’s potentially fatal consequences – if Nathan hadn’t had drugs maybe he could have saved his brother as he would have been immortal? The focus of the episode was on the dysfunctional relationship between Nathan and his father. Of course the episode was laden with humour (and being Misfits even the emotionally heavy scenes are undercut with a laugh or two) but for the most part the scenes with Nathan, Jamie and their dad painted an unpleasant but all too familiar picture of modern day family life. It’s messy and complicated, and in this case it is also violent, with neither father nor son coming across as hero or villain. In the end, thanks to Jamie’s intervention, we are left with a glimmer of hope about the future of their relationship.

The Good

  • We get to see more of the suitably curly-haired Dexter Fletcher as Nathan’s dad. If anyone knows his name, please do tell. There are only so many times I can write “dad” in a review
  • Nathan creates make-shift toasties using an iron
  • Curtis’ flash-forward (phrase of the moment) – I especially loved the stirring super hero score and a killer line delivered by the Misfits newbie/hottie when Curtis asks why she is taking her dress off. Alas, like the best of them, it is far too vulgar to post.
  • Kelly confessing her true feelings to Nathan as a result of taking the pills – combined with some pretty intense face gurning. You really need to see this to appreciate it.
  • Nathan can see dead people. I think this makes it bit more interesting as dying every week could get a little boring, but a part of me wonders if it is cheating (just a tiny bit maybe?).
  • Kelly’s facial expression when she asks Nathan why he didn’t tell them about Superhoodie. Classic Kelly. I would re-watch the episode for this alone.
  • Simon busting moves on the dance floor

The bad

  • I was hoping that Superhoodie was a female, seeing as we already have 3 male leads it would have been a nice touch, but if the hands and the jokes about him being a cross-dresser are anything to go by it is most definitely a man. Boo. I’m guessing we will have to wait until the series finale to find out.


More good tunes this week. The episode opens with Nathan stripping to Howlin’ Wolf and I enjoyed The Dead Weather’s ‘Blue Blood Blues’. The full playlist is available on the official Misfits site where there is also a Spotify link. I was most impressed with the score which was appropriately grim. I believe it is still composed by Vince Pope.

Best line

‘We’re a bit like the Mitchell brothers, only we’re not bald, ugly and shit’ -Nathan.

Rating – 4/5

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  1. Jamie /

    It was sad to hear Jamie had died as the idea of him and his brother as devious characters would have Been good. They were similar which made it more humourous and for him to die after one episode seems pointless, and how did no one suggest Curtis go back in time and save Jamie? Even if Nathan this time persuaded by Curtis doesn’t take a pill and goes with the bartender. It just seems a shame would have been nice new additions.

    • Curtis can’t control his power. It just sort of happens to him, usually in times of stress. I think this is a good thing, otherwise he would turn back time every episode and nothing bad would ever happen.

      • Also at the point where Jamie died (which is where the rewinding time would have kicked in) Curtis could only skip forward to the future as he had already taken the pill. He therefore would not have been able to rewind time even if he could control his power.

  2. For anyone interested, I’ve just found out that Bartender Girl is in fact called Lily.

    • PeanutbutterJellyGirl /

      I know this is really late, but I believe that the girl that plays Lily is Iwan Rheon’s real life girlfriend.

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