TV REVIEW: Misfits – Series 2 Episode 3

Recap *spoilers*

Alisha is mugged but is rescued by Superhoodie, who, it turns out, can touch her without turning into a horny psycho. Nathan and Simon go with Kelly to get her tramp stamp (no offence) retouched. Jealous of Kelly’s relationship with Nathan, Vince (the tattooist) does something weird and superpower-like to his shoulder. On the way home Nathan ditches Kelly in favour of a boy’s night in with Simon. Alisha provokes a fight in the street, hoping to once more attract the attention of Superhoodie. He does indeed come to her rescue, but not before she falls down a flight of stairs and loses consciousness.

Curtis visits sexy future lady but she is still mad about the break-in (It turns out Nathan really did have a sh*t in her bed). Back at the community centre Nathan tries to seduce Simon, eventually launching his tongue into his mouth. Simon, horrified, makes a run for it. Alisha awakes in Superhoodie’s lair. She finds his costume and notices he is in the shower. As she approaches, a naked Superhoodie turns around and is revealed to be none other than Simon (NO. FRACKING. WAY!).We learn that this Super Simon is Future Simon. He has come back in time because “There are things that need to happen at certain times. I’m here to make sure they do”, which explains the wall of photos and the clocks. He tells Alisha she mustn’t let anybody else know about him. Simon tells Kelly that Nathan kissed him last night, Kelly assumes he is winding Simon up and yells at Nathan for doing so. Nathan, however, is clearly infatuated with Simon – “It’s like he’s Tom and I’m Renee”.

Alisha brings Simon a drink and thanks him for looking out for the rest of the Misfits. She also apologies for ever being mean to him. Nathan gives Simon a love letter and Kelly notices that he has a tattoo of Simon’s name on his shoulder. Kelly goes back to Vince to investigate and finds out he is responsible for Nathan’s tattoo and his odd behaviour. Vince miraculously tattoos Kelly with his name.

Alisha finds Super Simon in her flat. He returns her stolen necklace and tells her that he has come back for her; one day they will be together and that is why he is there -she will fall in love with him. Present-day Simon notices Kelly’s new ‘Vince’ tattoo. Alisha and Curtis argue – she isn’t in the mood to fool around and is upset about not being able to be touched. She thinks Curtis makes her feel like it is her fault. Alisha visits Super Simon. He comforts her but has to go when he notices one of the clocks which is counting down. Simon tells the Misfits they must visit Vince and get him to remove the tattoos. Superhoodie appears and throws them a bag of nuts…dry roasted. They go to the tattoo parlour and have a stand off with Vince. Simon realises that nuts are Vince’s kryptonite, so to speak. He releases the nuts but not before Vince gives him a barbed-wire tattoo to the throat. He manages to throw one nut into his mouth and Vince goes into anaphylactic shock. Simon finds his allergy remedy needle. Vince erases Simon’s tattoo so that he will give him the needle, which Simon then plunges into his chest. Curtis visits sexy future lady at her flat to give her some new pyjamas (apparently Nathan wiped his bum on the last pair) and finds her poorly, using an oxygen cylinder and perhaps in need of a heart transplant. Super Simon finds Alisha watching videos of her future self being interviewed on television about her powers. Simon kisses Alisha and they, erm, well… know. Nathan and Kelly finally get around to locking lips, however, it turns out that despite the lengthy build-up there is no chemistry after all and they are both content with just being mates. Super Simon tells Alisha she can’t break up with Curtis yet; the present-day Simon isn’t yet ready and she needs to wait for everything to play out. Back on duty, the Misfits discuss Superhoodie and Alisha keeps schtum.


Mind-blowing. I never thought I would say this about an episodes of Misfits. Hilarious? Yes; Dramatic? Yes; Action-Packed? Yes, but Mind-blowing? I was certain that we would not see the unmasking of Superhoodie until the finale and was literally aghast. If this had been a movie or maybe even an episode of Heroes I would have perhaps suspected that Superhoodie was in fact one of the Misfits themselves. As it was I didn’t see this coming in any way shape or form. Maybe I’m naïve.

After last weeks glimpse of the future I should have known where the show was heading, but because the scene was almost played for laughs with the super hero music and the naughty line I thought it was a future we would never really see. But this is obviously the direction in which the show is heading and what with only 4 episodes left this season (including the Christmas special) it is full speed ahead. Every scene with Super Simon is grandiose and portentous, due in no small part to the epic music which underscores his every word. Super Simon looks exactly the same (alright, he’s a bit more buff than we might have expected) and yet he now oozes confidence and charisma, a far cry from the awkward present-day Simon, and as such his interaction with Alisha, is totally believable. It almost feels as if we are watching a different show or watching it metamorphose into something else entirely. We are beginning to know the characters well enough now that as long as the elements that make Misfits so unique and totally grounded remain, I feel more than ready to go along for the ride and am eager to see what the future has in store for both the ASBO 5 and the show itself.

The Good

  • Super (Sexy?) Simon of course: Super Simon is revealed; Super Simon touches Alisha’s face; Super Simon kisses Alisha; Super Simon speaks; and so on.
  • Slow motion walk to the tattoo parlour. Simple but effective. If like me your a sucker for slow-mo or a good montage you’ll know that Misfits knows how to pull them off in style. Love it.
  • Alisha buys Simon a drink and apologises for ever being mean to him. I look forward to watching the relationship between these two develop, especially with the demise of Nathan and Kelly (see below). It was also nice to see Alisha’s sensitive side throughout.
  • Nathan tries it on with Simon, “So this is really cool, huh? A couple of good looking young fellas, a few beers. That’s good times”.
  • Nathan dives in front of Simon to save him from Superhoodie’s non-existent gun.

The Bad

R.I.P ‘Nelly’. Being their biggest fan I was a bit disappointed that we won’t be seeing anymore flirting between Nathan and Kelly, and as Nathan put it, after all this build they’re “not even gonna shag”. It was a funny scene, reminiscent of Cordelia and Wesley’s first kiss in Buffy’s Graduation Day: Part Two‘, with added vulgarity “you wanna take that out?”. And yet, I can’t help but feel it was a little forced somehow.


We were treated to George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper‘, but the highlight for me was the increasingly epic score that gave that extra gravitas to Super Simon’s scenes. It was also beautifully romantic and tender at times.

Best line

“It’s gonna be alright. I should know, I’m from the future” for it’s awesomeness and “remove the tattoos….or I open the nuts”, just because.


5/5 I actually think last week’s episode was just as good, if not better, but this week gets an extra star for its Mind-blowing-ness.



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  1. I’m pretty sure that every body else is going to refer to what I call Super Simon as Future Simon, but I think Super Simon has a better ring to it. Also it takes some of the Superhoodie name, which I like.

  2. spiralx /

    Yes. Three episodes so far, and each of them incredibly watchable. This one, with “Future Simon” and his theme, alongside the usual mayhem with Nathan and a super-powered villian, was just amazing.

    That theme, by the way, has attracted a lot of interest. Very different to the music we’ve heard so far – tender, sombre, intense, and ever-so-slightly terrifying. It’s called Simon’s Theme, done by Beetroot Music, and already on YouTube. And yes, downloadable.

  3. Rawr /

    Nice review, agree with everything except I really hope they don’t ditch the Nathan/Kelly storyline. I love all of their scenes together, and they are part of the reason I enjoy the show so much, for me, Alisha and Simon just doesn’t compare..

    • yeah, me too, they were my faves 🙁 but if done well watching Alisha and present-day Simon get together could be great to watch.

      • Rawr /

        I know they’ll be ok to watch but I know any scene Alisha and Simon get the whole time I’ll be thinking ‘I wish this was Kelly and Nathan!’
        I just can’t help it! 🙂

  4. This is old now but I was just watching it again… purely for the Superhoodie/Alicia scenes and the epic music… I want to download it somehow… Did it smack of Batman for anyone else? Specifically the Batman Begins score… which is also bone-shiveringly fantastic.

    I was a big Nathan/Kelly fan too… but I think it works to have them not get together after this big Will They Wont They Rachel-Ross type thing they’ve been doing- Misfits is after all majorly about negating the cliches… And who knows what will happen in the future eh…? (Apart from future simon).

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