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Let me start out by saying I am a HUGE fan of the Original 1987 Predator movie and I’m also a fan of the slightly flawed Predator 2 and I absolutely hated the horrible Alien vs Predator movies from a few years back!  So when I learnt they were going to make a new Predator movie I was a little nervous!

Then came news that Robert Rodriguez was going to produce it. I experienced a warm fuzzy feeling of relief, the man behind “El Mariachi” can do no wrong! Then the news got better, Adrian Brody is the star and the supporting cast is made up of a pool of extraordinary talent. My hopes were raised! But because of the bad taste in my mouth after the poor Alien vs Predator movies I still had a worrying feeling of dread.

Just like the 1987 Predator movie this movie follows the adventure of a rag-tag team of hard bastards in a jungle as they are hunted by an Alien menace. The twist this time is that this is not a team of Special Forces operatives but they are a group of mercenaries and murderers from all over the world and this time they are not in a South American jungle but an Alien jungle on an alien world. Throughout the movie the team are systematically hunted and killed by the Predators and their “dogs” until they run into Noland (played by Laurence Fishburne). Noland is a man that has been on this planet getting hunted by the Predators since the Soviet war in Afghanistan and the last 20+ years have taken their toll on his mind. From this point on its all action and explosions until the Predators have been defeated.

The movie does take a lot of points from the comic series. It introduces the fact that there multiple types of Predators, sort of subsets of the same species or different clans. These clans are not friendly with each other. Luckily the film manages to explain this without confusing the story, they give us just enough

Is this movie going to win some Oscars? Erm NO! Is this movie a fun action packed explosion filled movie? HELL YES. The deaths of the main characters are great but all of them are pretty graphic though so if you are squeamish then it might not be for you. There are no amazing twists that will surprise you and it ends pretty much the way you know it’s going to end. The people you expect to survive will survive and the people you expect to die will die! You get to see a sword fight between a Predator and a Yakuza member and all of the special effects in the movie are pretty solid!

The most disappointing aspect of the movie is that they didn’t manage to capture the cheesy late 80’s dialog of the original! No one shouts “get to da CHOPPA!” and not on gets stuck to a wall with a machete and told to “stick around”.

If you are a fan of the original movie then go see this at the cinema, if not then rent it when it’s on DVD.

I’m giving it 3 and a half star’s out of 5. I’ll definitely be getting this on Blu-ray when it comes out.

Geek Bonus!! you get to see Topher Grace’s character die in a horrible way, which almost makes up for the dancing Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3.

GS Reviewer: Matt

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  1. I’ve read a few reviews now from people who have bemoaned the lack of ‘zingers’ in the script. Can’t say it bothered me really, you don’t get lines like that anywhere any more. They were obviously going for a Batman Begins style ‘reboot’ of the franchise though. I’d say it worked, it almost seemed more like a modernised remake of the original than a sequel. Obviously not as good as the original though.

    • matt pease /

      yeah the original was a one off thing! all the elements were correct to make a great 80’s action movie.

      the lack of zingers doesn’t detract from the film but a few thrown in would of been a nice nod to the original.

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