Quantum of Solace – X-Box 360 Review

Bond is back in the game!

Bond is back in the game!

Review it:

I’ll be honest up front. I like Bond games – all of them I’ve played but I never expect too much from them. My expectations for QoS (as I shall henceforth refer to the game) were not terribly high but I reckoned it would be good fun. How wrong could I be?

Not about the fun – fun is here in droves. But I was wrong to have low expectations. On to the main review!

Game Engine

The game is built around the Call of Duty 4 engine and this works really well for the game. QoS feels like a CoD game while retaining a Bondy essence. A cover system is implemented that is about the best I’ve seen in a game. Moving to cover sends the camera into third person mode which I thought would break immersion – but it doesn’t. It offers a more tactical view of the situation and the cover options are superb: blind fire, aimed fire, switch to a nearby piece of cover or dash to another piece of cover that you select by pointing and holding A.

The graphics are nice enough and Mr. Craig is recognisable. The expression on his face usually matches my own while playing too!


When the box says you can approach situations a number of ways – it does not lie. On missions where you are told to be stealthy you can quite easily decide not too without any annoying instant end to the mission. What will happen is that a bunch of elite guards will come to deal with you and you can have a shootout. Great stuff!

I didnt do it! Nobody saw me! I didnt do anything!

I didn't do it! Nobody saw me! I didn't do anything!

The level design follow CoD 4 in that there is a definite linear path to follow on each mission with very few opportunities to branch off and find an alternate route. Sometimes this feels forced “Why can’t I open that door and sneak round the other corridor?” but often the path is logical.

Take That! For I am Bond and you are a GOON!

Take That! For I am Bond and you are a GOON!

The game sticks to a shooter format. There’s no driving or rail-shooting involved which I personally think is a wise move. Those elements were always my least favourite in previous Bond games as they always felt forced and too over the top. Having said that, there is an interesting “no guns” level based on the free running scene in Casino Royale. This is primarily a race with a couple of balance mini-games and timed jumps thrown in but it works really well and doesn’t take up too much of your game time. Which is another point of the game – the levels do not take too long to complete and checkpoints are frequent enough to ensure that progress can be achieved even for those who die a lot.


A really fun first person shooter with a real flavour of the latest Bond flicks.

Rate it: 4/5

Dry Slaps: 0

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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