Review: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 11 & 12

This is the second of my  Nostalgia reviews except that by the time the issues reprinted into vol. 11 & 12 came about, I was no longer a regular reader of 2000AD. I kind of dip into it now again but while a lot of these stories had characters which were familiar, the stories were not.

However what we got here is more of the same. And that is actually a hell of a good thing. JD Case Files 11 & 12 just continues the high quality urban tongue in cheek sci-fi we have come to expect from writers John Wagner and Alan Grant and their team of top rate artists.

Volume 11 has everything from giant rats to the hilarious fairly hyper man, democracy riots, adventures with redneck cannibals, and the return of the genius teenage serial killer P J Maybe.

The climax of this book is the 26 part OZ featuring the return of superstar skysurfer Chopper. Now I’m not a fan of sports in general and sports based stories usually leave me cold but I love this story because

a) We get to see other parts of the world – in this story we get to see the Australian judges in action and

b) It integrates a plot involving the Judda, a well executed old plotline that is far from done yet.

c) The climax – Like I said I’m not one for sports stories but by the end I was almost on my feet screaming “come on come on”.

The madness continues in volume 12 with more crazy one –offs, one of the funniest being the story of the Old Chinese Sage seeking enlightenment in Mega City One – that went well!!

Judge Dredd also takes a trip to Oz – not Australia but the actual OZ – the one with the munchkins, there’s also the further adventures of PJ Maybe, the continuation of the Judda storyline. Also watch out for a female Judge Dredd and the Eldster Ninja Mud-Wrestling Vigilantes.

The highlight for me is a 3 part story Our Man in Hondo in which JD goes to Hondo City or what we used to call Japan and we get to see their justice department in action. Yea I just love the global village.

The only minus in this whole package is that both of these volumes are £13.99 which is fine accept that volume 12 is half the size of volume 11 so the price disparity just doesn’t make sense to me. However it’s such a good read that I’m not gonna be the one to tell you not to buy it.

GS Reporter: Monts

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