Review: The Unborn

If We Kept Getting This Pantie Shot, It Would Have Been A Better Movie.


WARNING!! There Be Spoilers Here! Read At Your Own Risk!!

I didn’t have good feelings about seeing this movie. David Goyer, while a great screenwriter and adaptor of comic book properties, really sucks as a director and hasn’t really made a really good film since he got himself in the chair. No did this movie go ten minutes in did it become apparent that this trend will continue.

The movie stars Odette Yustman and is about a woman who not only finds out that she had a twin, but also finds out that that twin died in the womb by the hands of a Dybbuk, a lost soul denied entrance into heaven and now inhabiting the dead according to Jewish belief. Now the dybbuk is out to inhabit her.

The premise sounds great, I agree. The movie, however, is a piece of crap. It’s cliche garbage wearing a good premise. From the start to near the end, it’s nothing but jump scares. You get jump scared out after you’re 25 mins in. You’re pretty much picking out where they set up the next jump scare. The rest of the movie is meaningless setup of story and jump scare and obvious destruction of characters. The jumpscares were sad too. If you are a fan or have seen a good amount of Asian horror films, you’d be able to pick them off the bat.

Another thing that sticks in my craw is the use of stars and characters in the movie. It felt like I was watching someone play with their action figures. We introduce the whole cast and then we put most of them away until deemed most appropriate. The main character’s boyfriend shows up at the the beginning of the movie and just disappears until near the end. If your girl was going mental, are you going to chill at the food court until she calls you to participate in a Jewish exorcism? The name actors were a waste as well. They’re literally there for a cup of coffee. No really, I think you can see Carla Gugino stir he cup during her cameo. Jame Remar used to much cream during his cameo though. Ruins the taste of the coffee.

I think what really hurt the potential for this movie to be good was that it has a very interesting premise, but that premise couldn’t really go anywhere because the production company was trying to aim for a PG-13 rating and to be pretentiously cool. The urge to connect with the demograph inside and out of the movie really damaged any real material that could give off the real potential to scare. Hell, even the dybbuk seemed retarded by possessing everyone it could get it’s hands on, even though it’s totally against the whole mythos. Just another way to get the cheap scare.

I give the movie one star for the premise.

I give it five good dry slaps. One for wasting cast. One for going cliche. One for just aiming for demographic instead of telling a story. One for using Yustman because she was in Cloverfield and we all know she really was the one who sold the film. And One for the stupid “surprise” at the end of the film..

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