Sarah Jane Advenures S02 Eps 01-02 Review

What’s It About?

The sighting of glowing lights near a creepily named village draws Sarah Jane and company to the Tycho Radio Telescope installation. The small, one man and his daughter staff of the facility seem to be behaving rather oddly – the daughter with tales of “something in the woods”. Can the gang discover the problem and end a threat against humanity? Well. Yes, obviously.

Review It

The series (I want to say season but can’t bring myself to!) opening story for Sarah Jane featured the return of the Sontarans. Well – one of them anyway. I have to say that I was far happier seeing a Sontaran on screen than those bloody Slitheen. For one the Sontarans are cool (who else could pull off pink lights?). For another, the single Sontaran here looks phenomenal with a battlescar, folding helmet and predator style cloaking device. YES!

As I’ve come to expect with this series, the acting was consistent throughout. I’ve heard people say that they feel Liz Sladen is a bit wooden, but I do find myself drawn to her performance whenever she appears on the screen. The supporting characters performed admirably and a regular character was given a proper exit rather than just not appearing at all. Well done writers!

Speaking of Writing, Phil Ford’ script is solid throughout. While there may be a bit too much chasing through corridors in the script I’m of the opinion that this is not really a bad thing. Particularly given the nice personal interactions that also make their way unobtrusively into the script. Yes there are a couple of weak plot points (That thing has no lock? you’re kidding right?) I’m eager to see the rest of the series based on this story.

The cliffhanger was well executed with the “next time” trail not revealing the fate of the character concerned. Some Doctor Who cliffhangers in the old and new series both could learn from this.

Overall – an enjoyable romp in the country. In my opinion, the Sontaran here was portreyed far better than in their Who appearance. Maybe they work best in small numbers. Or maybe Phil Ford understands them better than Helen Raynor. Even “Sontar Ha!” didn’t annoy me this time round.
Rate It: 4 / 5. A couple of plot holes can be overlooked in this excellent story.

Dry Slaps: 0

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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