Heroes Season 3, Episode 3: One of Us, One of Them

This review involves minor spoilers

This review involves minor spoilers

Well, this season of Heroes has taken quite a turn, hasn’t it?

Sylar is waken up by Angela Petrelli, and waken up to a new realization. His life, apparently, has been a lie. In this first scene, you realize just how amoral Angela is. What her motivations are have not been totally fleshed out, but you can tell that she has to be stopped, at the very least. This was supposed to be a frightening moment, but I have to point out the stock audio Heroes lazily used. You can probably hear this on basically every morning radio show in America.When you see the episode, take notice of the scream. It’s trivial, I know, but if you’ve heard that before, it feels cheap to use it on a high budget Network TV show.

In Poughkeepsie, The Company’s Level 5 villains have decided what any self respecting bad guys would do: rob a bank! On the side of, I guess, good, Noah Bennet decides to come back to the Company, but only to put the villains back where they belong. This uneasy alliance between Noah and Angela becomes uneasier when Angela pairs Noah with the worst villain of them all, Sylar.

Hiro meets up with his “nemesis,” Daphne, once again. Daphne, of the bad hair and a generous bosom, tells Hiro what she’s done with her piece of the formula. I love this subplot of the show, because although it seems to be useless, it makes me smile. I this episode, Hiro gets the lovable name of “Pikachu.” The people who are taking the formula turn out to be none other than The Haitian, who has show up for the first time this season, and a new female character.

In what turned out to be the most interesting subplot for me this season, the woman who doesn’t believe she used to be Niki tries to get closer to learning why she doesn’t connect with the woman everyone keeps referring to her as. Her search for answers takes her to New Orleans, where we last saw Niki Sanders alive. So, is Niki alive or dead? You find the truth, or at least part of the truth, about Tracy Strauss in this episode; Dr. Zimmerman knows all!

Claire wants to quit school, but her adoptive mother wants her to go to school regardless. Her biological mother, on the other hand, has a lesson to teach Claire that no high school can teach. All the way in Africa, Matt Parkman learns about his own future from the painter. Turns out that the painter differs from Season 1’s painter, Isacc Mendez, in that he only has Matt Parkman as his muse.

The villains’ little bank heist turns ugly. The cops have come calling, and The Company men come to the bank as well. Noah, knowing that Sylar probably wants to flip open every one of those escapee’s brains open to take a peek, doesn’t want to have him backing him up when he goes in to apprehend the super criminals. When Noah enters the bank, hilarity ensues. By hilarity, I mean all hell breaks loose.

Rate it: 4

A solid episode, no doubt about it. Heroes is keeping me as a viewer, for sure.

Dry Slaps: 2

One for Milo Ventimiglia’s ever slooping bottom lip and one for the Heroes writing, once again. In New Orleans. something did not make sense about that scene, timeline-wise. Also, Claire’s scene with her mother was not clear on how Claire’s mother survives the toll her own fire abilities can take on a human being. The writing on Heroes is definitely not the best I’ve encountered on TV.

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