[Spooks] Season 07 Episode 01 Review

Spooks Season 07 - Still Fresh?

Spooks Season 07 - Still Fresh?

 What’s It About?

The Season opens some time after last season’s cliffhanger. Jo is on compassionate leave following those events, trying to deal with the trauma she suffered. Meanwhile, Harry organises the release of Lucas, a former officer from a Russian prison. As remembrance Sunday approaches, Muslim extremists make their threat …

Review It

Wow. As usual, I’ll attempt to be as non-spoilery as possible in this review. After the good but not really Spooks spin off series, I was slightly wary what this season would offer. Seven years is a long time to keep an audience hooked.

I needn’t have worried. Everything about the episode rang true. The writing and direction were true to the high standard that I personally have come to expect of the show. The plot is once again so grounded in what could be reality that the viewer is immediately drawn in. A new character is introduced to us in a manner that doesn’t feel forced – the release of Lucas (played by Richard Armitage, formerly of Ultimate Force and Robin Hood) after 8 years in enemy hands is natural within the heightened reality of the spy world. This new character comes with baggage and we are not sure whether he should be trusted or not. Personally I hope he proves to be loyal to MI5 as I think Richard will make a good front man for the team.

As always, the cast perform superbly. Dialogue is fluid and natural and emotions run high. Adam’s reunion with Ros late in the episode was particularly well acted for all it’s brevity and the concluding “fade out” shot with Harry? I almost shed a tear.

The surprise at the end of the episode – I had a feeling was going to happen sometime, but not in the first episode. Great stuff.

It always strikes me that the series should begin to feel stale after so long, but this is never the case. Maybe it’s the format or maybe it’s Harry forming the lynchpin. I would be interested to see how the series performed without Mr. Pearce at the centre of Section D. So far the loss of no other character has lessened the show’s appeal, whether I like the “replacements” or not.

Rate It: 5 / 5.

Dry Slaps: 0

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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