[Spooks] Season 07 Episode 02 Review

What’s It About?

Malcolm discovers a strange signal and attempts to determine its origin and purpose. The rest of the team attempt to recover from their recent loss as Harry and Ros plan revenge, testing Lucas North’s loyalty …

Review It

Emotions and tensions run high this episode with characters each reacting in very real but very different ways to the last episode’s conclusion. The personal character based drama includes a very neat insight into some of newcomer Lucas North’s background is a plot which continues from episode one in many respects. Spooks has always been clever with the introductions of new characters and it never feels forced when characters leave or join the show. This is one of the factors that ensures the series’ continuing success as the show and  becomes stronger than the individuals who become part of the story. The potential mixed loyalty of the newcomer is handled well and resolved with great satisfaction. Richard Armitage’s performance helps sell this and my faith in the character is rewarded!

This episode’s plot was somewhere more fantastical than that of episode one, but still believable. The writers always take great care when selecting their “threat of the week” and the viewer is always left with a sense of “what if …” and a general sense of thankfulness for the overall effectiveness of our real world security services.

I was immensly satisfied watching this episode – not once did I feel that the action was too slow, or that a scene of characterisation was shoe-horned into the story. I look forward to seeing how Lucas re-integrates into MI:5 Section D and also into what is effectively a new world of security work – eight years has seen a lot of development of techniques. I’m also intrigued once more by Harry Pierce and his actions this episode.

Rate It: 5 / 5. This would have been a 4.5 – but Harry’s actions towards the end of the episode tipped it.

Dry Slaps: 0

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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