[Spooks] Season 07 Episode 04 Review

Deal With The Devil?

Deal With The Devil?

What’s It About?

A high ranking Al Qaeda operative wants to deal with MI:5 – but on his own terms. Meanwhile Harry’s personal quest to find a leak in the organisation takes a turn he wasn’t expecting…


Review It

Al Qaeda. Well and truly back in the bad seat this series, after last week’s bombs and this week’s potential deal brokering. What struck me most about this episode was the provision of both viewpoints in a fairly honest manner. While I found myself cringing, I could see where the member in question was coming from – I didn’t agree most of the time but the viewpoint was presented in a way that does make you think. The writing continues to be excellent for this series.

Lucas is presented with an interesting dilemma this episode regarding his double-agent work with the Russians and a nice third solution is found to get around making the tough decision. This doesn’t feel forced or convenient in any way and as it comes directly from Lucas rather than from Harry or Roz, there was a definite feeling of a conundrum resolved.

Again we’re given hints into Jo’s deteriorating state of mind which makes me wonder how long she’ll be able to remain on the Grid for. Though I’d be quite happy for her to find some help and get herself straightened out rather than cracking up. But please… grow your hair again. It looked better long!

Another fine offering – just a notch above last week’s in enjoyability.

Rate It: 4 / 5.

Dry Slaps: 0

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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