[Spooks] Season 07 Episode 05 Review

Money makes the world go round ...

Money makes the world go round ...


What’s It About?

The credit crisis hits home for Malcolm this episode as an attack on the British banking system comes to the attention of MI:5’s Section D. Harry’s search for a leak continues …

Review It

As cutting edge story telling goes, it doesn’t get closer to the truth than this. In the middle of a financial crisis in the real world, an episode of Spooks deals with precisely this topic. Now these things are written probably about a year ago. WHY NOT TELL US THEN MR. CLEVER PRESCIENT WRITER?

We’re treated to a truly smarmy villain this week and there’s no doubt from minute one about his plans. While this is so, there are a number of twists and turns through the narrative that help keep the viewer on their toes. I’ll be honest, I was expecting this to be a slow episode, similar to episode 3 – especially being as how I was quite tired when it started. This wasn’t the case and I found myself glued to the screen once more.

Again there’s some strong character stuff here (Roz showing regret?) and again we’re given hints of Jo’s deteriorating state. Potentially this character arc may have reached a climax – but with Spooks one never knows.

Rate It:  3.5 / 5

Dry Slaps: 1 – this was written probably a year ago… scarey. Slap for not telling us sooner.

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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