Spooks Series 9: Episode 07 Review

Spooks Season 09

Spooks Season 09


What’s It About?
Lucas’ dark past is revealed to the team as Vaughn takes his machinations to a new level. While Harry and Beth work to bring Lucas in to determine his fate, Ruth receives intelligence from a civilian convinced he’s intercepted a dead letter drop. …

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At last, we get the full reveal into Lucas’ pre-service life. The episode revolves around this reveal, as Lucas decides it’s time to flip the tables on Vaughn and take his life back into his own control. Vaughn offers information to Harry about a bombing of the British Embassy in Dakkar. As an investigation into this event proceeds, Ruth is given the remains of a dead-drop by a civilian which she proceeds to investigate.

This week’s episode is more about character than action – mainly Lucas’ turn and Ruth’s realisation that she is becoming as hardened as the field operatives to the harsh realities of their careers. All through the episode, my impression of Lucas was tempered by the revelations, though it wasn’t until the trail for next week that I finally began changed my opinion of the character.

Despite the fact that I really enjoyed this episode, I’m getting slightly annoyed that we’re seeing very little of two of the field agents – both Beth and Dimitri were given sidelined roles again this week which I feel is a waste of both the actors’ potential and that of the characters themselves. This series has very much been the Lucas, Harry and Ruth show so far – which is great, but a little grating when the potential is there.

Ruth’s sub-plot this week was quite neatly handled and she shows that she’s definitely more than just the desk-jockey research whizz now. I did find Ruth’s temporary loss of control to be slightly un-nerving but at the same time it was perfectly understandable. Her discourse to Harry towards the end of the episode was a nice summary of where her character currently is.

The writing and direction were excellent as usual and I didn’t notice the incidental music this week, which I always take as a good sign.

Another strong episode. If we get a weak one, I’ll be dissapointed now!

Rate It: 4 / 5.

Dry Slaps: 1. Sidelining of the field agents. Again.

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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  1. catvincent /

    Aside from the usual complaints of “where’s the field crew”, “why aren’t there more field agents in the first place”, “what about Sections A, B and C”, “why is 5 doing work that 6 is tasked for” etc etc, I do love me some Spooks. Frankly I could Ruth being quietly brave and Harry being, well, Harry, all day.

    If I actually gave a damn about Lucas, that would help. But somehow I never have.

  2. SnazzyO /

    First, let me say I totally agree with your review.

    Second, there are spoilers in my comments — be advised.

    Third, let me scream for a moment **AAAHHHHHHHH*** Da*n that Spooks team! I can’t recall what drove me to start watching the show (just started this year, saw S1-3 and most of S9) but to me the moral of the story is: you leave MI-5 either disgraced, in hiding, DEAD (alot), or a monster. I didn’t see previous versions of Spooks so I have no reason to be particularly enamored of Lucas BUT even I can tell that long-time Lucas fans just got gutted by finding out not only did he have a stupid path — he actually IS the bad guy. I think they want us to believe he flipped a switch after Dacra and turned around and NOW he’s flipped back. I’m having a hard time with that one. They better play up mental insanity from the 9 years in a Russian prison or something because the fans have been had. That second “reveal” was just too much OOC for what little I saw of Lucas. Maybe longtime fans could see it coming but to me it seems like the producers didn’t “earn” this one. The first reveal I could buy but the “Lucas really DID bomb Dacra and murder his friend” was just BS. I wish Vaughn had died without seeing that history. I presume next week will be more of EVIL LUCAS. You know, that works on a Sci-Fi show because of “alien influence, or possession, or transporter accident”. I’m having a hard time with the “flipped” Lucas scenario (the villian who dreamed he was a hero and forgot it was a dream).

    Grrrr. My condolences to long-time Lucas fans.

    Fourth, thanks for having a place for me to vent. Not being into the Spooks fandom I didn’t know WHERE I was going to go to commisserate.

    Fifth, SPOT ON with Ruth. That was a BRILLIANT performance. And it’s because of performances like that, I’ll turn the show on again. Poor Harry – “girlfriend” is going dead inside and trusted friend is turned into a murderer. He probably will drink more after this.

    I’m counting on Beth and Dimitri to hold up the team for a while.

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