Spooks Series 9: Episode 08 Review

Spooks Season 09

Spooks Season 09


What’s It About?
It’s time to hunt one of their own as Section D face the challenge of stopping Lucas North from obtaining the Albany File and delivering it to a foreign power. An ex-internal affairs officer is brought in by Harry as the team are too close to Lucas to be objective. Can the team stop Lucas in time? [Spoilers This Week]

Review It

Well, there we go then. Lucas / John has truly fallen off the deep end and has somewhat lost track of his identity. Throughout the episode, a number of jarring / quick flashbacks of Lucas’ time at MI-5 and of his time in Dakkar (as revealed last week) emphasize this fracturing of identity. For me, this technique worked – the two parts of the character’s identity in conflict. It may seem like a sudden switch from hero Lucas to crazy Lucas/John, but imagine the pressure a field officer is under maintaining legends and cover. Add to that the fact that you’ve already stolen someone’s identity and have been trying to make amends for past attrocities … and THEN that past springs up at you and drags you into conflict with yourself …

What this episode proves is the potential danger of rogue agents. Particularly one who has open access to either a lot of funds or MI-5’s stores before he went rogue. The equipment utilised by Lucas/John during his luring in of Harry would not have been cheap or easy to come by in a short period of time. The guile and ruthlessness of the character shines through in this sequence, however.

Once again it falls to Ruth to be the episode’s hostage – though this time I feel it’s understandable. Harry’s personal involvement with her is preyed upon by Lucas/John and it’s interesting to see the chinks in Harry’s armour be so easily exposed and manipulated. This series has definitely been focussed around Lucas, Harry and Ruth and once again, the other characters are given subsidiary roles. It’s unfortunate that neither Beth nor Dimitri have had any real chance to shine or prove themselves to the viewer at all this series.

One scene stood out in particular for me – Harry driving to what he assumes is his death. He phones his daughter and gets through to the answer phone. Peter Firth has shown his capabilities in little scenes like this since series one and I found myself slightly choked up during this monologue.

Still, I think this was a satisfying conclusion to the series, and particularly to Lucas’ broken character. Part of me would have liked a more “cheerful” resolution where the character was re-habilitated but I think that would have felt cliched and trite. Lucas’ fate here is probably more “realistic”. Don’t expect cheery stiff-upper-lipness, as it seems it may well be “Harry’s Turn” for leaving. I was definitely left with a sense of “Oh. Poop” and a bit of a malaise after the episode.

Roll on 2011!

Rate It: 4.5 / 5

Dry Slaps: 1.5 STILL no stepping up from Beth or Dimitri. No real explanation of Lucas’ equipment acquisition (including a two laptops, two new cars and general survellance equipment).

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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