TABLE GAME REVIEW: Pacific Rim Shuffling The Deck Card Game

wzk71104-pacific-rim-shuffling-the-deck-card-game_3This week on GS Table Games, we do battle with the Kaiju in our giant mech battle suits as we take on the roles of pilots in this themed card game, based on this year’s blockbuster Pacific Rim.




I have to admit that I absolutely loved Pacific Rim because it did exactly what it said on the tin: giant robots battling giant monsters. Any chance of a game set around this world and I am in. This is a card game set in that universe, but it is not an original game.

Take control of powerful Jaegers and defend the people of Earth from the devastation of the Kaiju!

In the Pacific Rim Shuffling the Deck™ card game, each player secretly controls characters from the movie that are piloting Jaegers. Each turn, a Kaiju attack card will be executed — awarding fame as the Jaegers repel the attack, causing the Jaegers to take damage or causing the Jaegers to lose fame if the Kaiju manage to beat them back. The players use movement cards to get their pilots into the best position for the current Kaiju attack. The players who gain the most fame will win the game when all of the Kaiju attack cards run out.

The “Shuffling The Deck” game mechanic was first used last year on the Pirates of the Spanish Main game, and proved to be quite a hit with gamers. Its simple design meant it could be transferred into unlimited scenarios, and this year alone we have gotten the afore-mentioned Pacific Rim and also Hunger Games and Lone Ranger versions.

This is not a bad thing, because Whizkids Games are selling the games based on that game design and not trying to sell it as another game, so you know what you are getting.

Before you start, you have to set the cards out with the Jaeger Pilot cards distributed among the players, but leave some to the side. This way no player knows which pilot cards the other player has, and this actually forms part of the game.

Then you lay out the Jaeger cards in a straight line across the playing area, as this will be where most of the game movement will take place. Above that will be the movement cards, which I will explain in a moment. Then last, but not least, is the Kaiju attack cards.

The aim of the game is to guess the Jaeger Pilot cards the other players have hidden in their cards. To do this, you need to work out which ones they own by what tactics they use during game play. How this works is that a Kaiju attack card is drawn and shown, and you have the choice of using one of the three movement cards to shuffle the deck. The reason you would shuffle the deck is to move your pilots out of harms’ way and try to see what the other players do. You don’t want to give the game away, so sometimes you need to move yours and theirs to safety to keep them guessing about your cards.

Once you have shuffled the deck, the Kaiju attack card is activated and the punishment is implemented, so sometimes a pilot is damaged or sometimes a pilot is rewarded with fame. You want to gain fame, because if you guess the opposite players’ Pilot cards, you get half of their fame.

So each turn of the game, you can move the Jaegers or repair the damaged pilots but all the while trying to out-manoeuvre the opposing players. You keep shuffling the deck to change the layout and win the game.



The box is a compact but nice size and can easily fit on any shelf or even a jacket pocket, so this a very mobile game. I would love if they added a game mat like Lords of War have done with their card games, as this just looks smarter. That said, it all fits in well and the cards are decent quality with some cool pictures on them.

Once you have played the game a few times, you will be able to kick off a game in no time at all because the game dynamics are very simple and quite effective. The rules also mean that children of 10 and over will enjoy this game and work on their strategy tactics.

This game is perfect for quick games, as it does not last too long and is small enough to pop up anywhere so adults or young teens can crack the box and play easily. Because of this, I would recommend this game to all ages and new and experienced players. This is also a game that I intend to keep on my shelf.

Overall, this is a neat card game that will not stretch your imagination, but will take you back to the world of Pacific Rim long until a board game or sequel comes out.

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Lastly, there is a mobile version of the game HERE .


RATING: 3.5/5
Reporter: Montoya

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