TV REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Episode 1.05 “Girl In The Flower Dress″

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More intrigue, as the plot line develop properly now…



We got a bit more on the bone this week, as the series now seeks to bond some of its loose ends together. A Hong Kong based pyrokinetic is kidnapped by the villainous group Centipede, but as SHIELD swoop in to rescue, Skye’s loyalties are tested when she tips off her lover in the Rising Tide… yeah, remember that text message in episode two? Well it came back to haunt Skye, as she sold out SHIELD to her pretty trashy Rising Tide boyfriend, Miles, and he sold her out for a million bucks. However, she is well and truly busted by May, and Coulson delivers a very damning verdict on her.

However, he softens a tad when it is revealed that Skye infiltrated SHIELD to find information on her missing parents – wrapping up one mystery while setting up another. The “mysterious parents” thing is fairly tired (I was re-watching it again recently on The Amazing Spider-Man & Bones recently – never thought I’d get those two in the same sentence ever), especially in superhero stories – so the jury is still out here. But it’s fair to say that her parents will inevitably somehow be linked to SHIELD or superhero lore in some way – maybe they invented the formula for cherry-favoured super-soldier serum?

But back to Miles though. His inclusion in this episode is, to date, SHIELD’s worst move… kill him now please. His interaction and dialogue with Skye looked like a writer from Home & Away had stopped by the studios for the day – no really, kill Miles off now, before he becomes the Jar-jar Binks of the series.

Plotwise though, SHIELD threw in some good teasers: When the team discuss “the Index” (a register of powered objects and individuals that SHIELD is monitoring, there’s a dark moment cast as to the lengths they will go to ensure security. We also got more on the Centipede storyline this week too, as Raina – the girl in the flower dress of the title – turned out to be a pretty brutal villain, and we’re clearly going to see more of her as the season progresses. By contrast Chan, the resident pyrokinetic, was a real let down. With both Pyro & Human Torch off the menu, he got lumbered with “Scorch” (I swear to God, the “Incredible Human Fire-cracker” would have been better!), and his transition from kindly street magician to super-villian was pretty ham-fisted. That said, the scene where he incinerates Debbie (the malevolent scientist from the pilot episode) was pleasingly graphic for the pre-9.00 PM watershed.

SHIELD is continuing to lose viewers in the US, pulling in 7.1m for this episode, a continued downward trajectory since the pilot. In terms of connection to its Avengers source material, there’s a direct reference to Steve Rogers, and the use of Extremis-powered serum, and the episode posed two big questions this week. Who is “the Clairvoyant”, and what became of Skye’s parents? That said, I have to confess that in our household, SHIELD is running a poor second to Arrow Season 2, which just seems unable to do anything wrong…

Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: SilverFox

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