TV REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 1.09 – “Repairs”

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This week: Probably the darkest episode yet as the gang go all X-Files on us!






The team happen upon a woman they believe to be telekinetic following an accident at a scientific research facility; people she is connected to started dying, so she is taken into custody aboard their plane. It soon transpires that the phenomena are actually the actions of an unrequited admirer trapped between dimensions.

A far better story this week, something quite akin to creep, and that effect by keeping much of the story confined to the claustrophobic settings of the aeroplane itself. We also get a blessed relief from the Coulson’s arc or more thankfully, Skye’s parents (Marvel – we don’t care!).

What has been amazingly original is that the show’s two hard-cases, May and Ward, have clearly been having the affair started last episode following the invite of a bottle of cognac and an open door. Thankfully, we have been spared the prospect of having Skye bring Ward ’round to her view and “sharing his feelings.” They both have a history of violence, and perhaps they understand each other better than anyone that being bed-buddies eases their pain. In any event, neither of them has changed (May has no problem shooting Hannah when the situation arises, even if it goes against orders – she always does the necessary thing).

What we did see was a ridiculous sub-story (as in sub-standard) about Fitz and Simmons being pranksters at university and bringing that to the plane. Why does Hollywood think Brits are only fit to be villains or comic relief? This week F&S were more Mr. & Mrs. Bean…and I don’t mean Sean! But that aside, we got a real tense horror vibe this week, with the main protagonist Tobias appearing like a mad accident in background silhouette shots, wisping up behind someone to attack them.

All in all, some great performances from a wronged villain and his unintended victim of the week, and though this is the umpteenth time their plane has taken a severe kicking (they have to stop doing that now), it was a more gratifying episode, with some more interesting connections to Marvel lore, such as the portal to another planet being very Asgardian, and the brig on the plane being plated in vibranium.


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: SilverFox

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