TV REVIEW: Black Sails Season 1, Episode 6 – “VI.”

The action heats up as Black Sails enters the final stretch with its sixth episode.

There are still plenty of questions about Flint’s trustworthiness, and most of them are still coming from Billy. They eventually figure out a plan to take the Andromache, but an unexpected disaster causes them to flee before the Scarborough, but not before it takes a good chunk out of the Walrus. While they are escaping, Flint takes care of his Billy problem.

While Flint is off dealing with Captain Bryson, we learn some more about Mrs. Barlow (and the pastor…yowza). Eleanor lifts the ban against Vane, who’s sailed off on some random solo voyage. Anne takes it upon herself to protect Max from Hamund and his goons, and she turns to an unexpected source for help.

Generally speaking, once I’ve decided that I like a character, I stick to that decision pretty religiously (case in point, I haven’t watched Game of Thrones since Ned Stark lost his head). Earlier this season, I decided to like Captain Flint. But then he went and did the one thing that would cost him my loyalty – killing a character I liked even more.

Now, I know the Treasure Island lore – SPOILER ALERT – I know Billy isn’t dead, unless the writers have gone completely off the rails. His character appears in Treasure Island, which takes place a good twenty years from where we are in Black Sails. Aside from that, though, he’s been too significant a character for them to kill off with so little fanfare. One minute he was there having a glare-off with Flint, and the next minute Flint was announcing his demise to the crew. Sorry, not buying it.

Even so, it feels very much like Flint has crossed a line that he can’t come back from. Even Gates, who is so very loyal to Flint, was visibly upset about Billy – and don’t think for a second he doesn’t know what really happened there. I can’t wait to see Flint’s face when Billy reappears – should be classic.

I liked seeing more of Anne Bonny. They’ve been drawing her out slowly, primarily using her interactions with Rackham, so it was nice to see her branch out a bit and take some initiative. I would love to learn more about her. And speaking of her relationship with Rackham, what’s up with that? Historically, the two of them were an item, and they’ve hinted at that here, but I want to know more about how it happened in this universe. He’s so clever, she’s so surly and standoffish. What’s the background there? C’mon Starz, give me more!

Disappointing not to see much of Vane in this episode. He’s gone off on some quest to find a very large pirate, who looks a whole lot like Blackbeard to me. Not sure it makes sense to introduce that big a character this late in the season, but I am hoping we at least get back to the Vane we saw earlier this season.

Overall, this episode left me feeling pretty dissatisfied. It’s Starz, though, so I am confident they’ll pick it up for the last two episodes.


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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