TV REVIEW: The Musketeers, S1, Ep 4: The Good Soldier

With each episode of The Musketeers that has aired, we’ve been learning more and more about each man’s past. First we had D’Artagnan, then Athos and a bit of Porthos. Now we come to Aramis, the seemingly lighthearted, jovial ladies man who’s been hiding details of a horrific event from his past. When the Duke of Savoy arrives to sign a treaty with France, a former member, Marsac, returns to avenge a massacre of twenty Musketeers that occurred five years ago.

Sacrifice and duty have been the main themes of each soldier’s story but with Aramis, it’s taken a level higher when Marsac believes that Captain Treville betrayed his men. All of the Muskteers are in denial, except Aramis. Haunted by the memories of what he witnessed, he doesn’t turn Marsac in like he should. Instead, he agrees to diving deeper into finding out the truth – not for revenge but to find justice for his lost compatriots and pay back the deserter who saved his life.

Unlike last week, Athos is the voice of reason and tries to keep Aramis from trouble to no avail.  Ultimately, it’s revealed that Treville was indeed involved but it was a sacrifice for the greater good of protecting the duke’s wife, who happens to be the King’s sister and one of his most valuable spies. In the end, Aramis recognizes the necessity of such an act and in protecting Treville, does something similar to Marsac – he kills him for the greater good.

Santiago Cabrera gets a chance to shine here and seeing him show emotions other than his charming swagger is a welcome change. Capaldi also gets to do a bit of mustache-twirling and eyebrow-raising when it comes to Richelieu’s machinations, but ultimately isn’t as involved in the plot as I’d like to see. Something else that’s bothered me is that the women of the show are still only two-dimensional, supporting characters.

There’s some focus on the budding romance between Constance and D’Artagnan – her husband conveniently elsewhere – when he’s teach her to shoot but there’s not much else we know about her. Also, previous events haven’t really carried over so you’re not seeing much character growth.

That could be due to not knowing how much time has passed between episodes or that it’s still too early in the series. Luckily the show has received a second series commission but that being said, with only six more episodes left of this series, let’s hope both of these things change soon.

Rating: 4/5

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