TV REVIEW: The Originals Episode 1.12 – “Dance Back From the Grave”

A slow episode of The Originals this week, though we did learn more about one of the witches resurrected by Celeste in last week’s episode.

Once upon a time in New Orleans, there was a witch named Papa Tunde that drew power from dead vampires. Understandably, Klaus and family took exception to this at the time and waged war, eventually killing Papa. Last week, when Celeste (who has apparently been alive for a really long time in different bodies) jacked the Harvest magic and resurrected 4 witches, Papa was one of them. And boy, was he bent on revenge against Klaus (and really, who isn’t?). His plan? To capture the Originals and channel their energy, making him a pretty powerful witch.

Papa quickly establishes himself as a real baddie – he kills 2 vampires to start, but then he gets his hands on a big prize: Rebekah. Still plotting against her brother, she’s aligned herself with Thierry, who leads her to some strange markings he’s discovered. As soon as she susses out that it’s a trap, Papa shows up and takes her out, drawing on her power. Thankfully, Elijah and Hayley eventually find her.

Unable to complete his vengeance against Klaus, Papa turns his attention to the veritable smorgasbord of vampire energy that sits inside Marcel’s garden of horrors – all the vampires he’s got starving in the dungeon. With the energy from all the vampires, he creates a weapon for Celeste – a bone knife – capable of causing some serious pain. He seals the deal by letting her cut his throat.

Marcel and Klaus, meanwhile, are having issues. Marcel is not dealing well with Davina’s death, and now he has to deal with Papa’s return. We find out that it was actually Marcel who drew Papa to New Orleans the first time, trying to find a way to scare Klaus into running. Klaus, on the other hand, is having some trouble getting Marcel’s vampires to follow him. All is not lost, though – while Thierry and some others abandon ship, many stay to help Klaus defend their city.

Last week’s episode set the bar incredibly high in all ways – I would’ve liked to have seen a stronger follow-up.

Don’t get me wrong – there were a lot of things to like here. In any given week, multiple characters are stabbing each other in the back, to the point where it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. Because of that, it’s amazing when there’s a baddie that everyone can unite against. Papa was like that – everyone united (granted, grudgingly) toward a common goal. Even Cami and Sophie Devereux get into the action. Talk about frenemies!

Behind it all, though, there is tension between the Original siblings. Ok, fine, there’s always tension – but it’s usually between Klaus and…well, everyone. Elijah and Rebekah are usually solid, but it looks like Rebekah has finally had enough of Elijah’s incessant need to support and forgive Klaus. And I get it – arguably, Rebekah has suffered most at her brother’s hands. I like Rebekah, I do, but I am also glad that there’s someone willing to fight for Klaus no matter what. We’ve seen that there’s a decent man in there – he just wants to be loved, dangit!

So now Celeste is in possession of a weapon that can deal some serious damage, even to Originals. When Elijah finds out that she’s behind all of this, it won’t be pretty – but you can bet it’ll be explosive.


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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