TV REVIEW: The Originals Episode 1.13 – “Crescent City”

Things finally went the witches’ way this week, with Celeste leading the charge and bringing a whole lot of pain to the vampires.

With Papa Tunde’s death last week, another witch was brought back in his stead – Sophie’s niece Monique. Sophie is overjoyed to see her, but Monique remains distant. The witches try to get Camille to help them, but she decides that she wants to be on the vampire side when everything goes down.  Turns out that’s not a great idea – slowly but surely, Celeste and the other witches take each Original down.

Klaus is stabbed with the magic dagger Celeste made last week, Rebekah is tricked by one of Hayley’s relatives, and Elijah is enchanted by Celeste. She also tries to kill Hayley by burning the plantation house down, but she is saved at the last minute by Elijah. Because he’s chosen to save Hayley, both Klaus and Rebekah are still missing at the end of the episode. Finally, Sophie tries to take Monique out of town with her, but Monique turns on her, citing her lack of faith, and kills her.

Well. After a couple of episodes where it looked like the witches were done for, they’ve truly stuck it to the vampires this time. As a fan of the first vampire family, it was truly difficult to watch as they were led into traps one by one. And for each one of them, their weaknesses wound up being their downfall.

I feel worst for Rebekah, because all she ever wants is a little bit of happiness, and just when she thinks she’s gotten it, wham. Duped and attacked by a bunch of werewolves. Elijah’s reunion with Celeste wasn’t quite as explosive as I would’ve hoped. He figured out pretty quickly that it was her, but he was so easily ensnared by her spell that it was incredibly anti-climactic. And Klaus…well, he was carrying on about vengeance against the witches when he was caught off guard and stabbed by Sophie. Pay attention, would you?

I will say one thing, I am not particularly sad to see Sophie go. I never found her all that sympathetic to begin with. Like the rest of the witches, she was far too willing to manipulate and kill for her own personal gain. To be fair, so is everyone on the show, but the witches are supposed to be the victims here, and I’m just not buying it. I can’t wait for Klaus to recover, because his vengeance is going to be absolutely epic.

We’ll all have to wait, though – the show is on break until February 25th.


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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