TV REVIEW: The Originals Episode 1.14 – “Long Way Back From Hell”

And The Originals is back after a 3-week break!

The last time we saw our favorite vampy family, the witches definitely had the upper hand. Rebekah was taken out by a vicious werewolf attack, and Klaus was put down by Celeste’s mystical witchy bone dagger.

Celeste and Genevieve (one of the resurrected witches) are still at it, torturing Klaus and Rebekah at a creepy abandoned hospital. Genevieve has a vendetta against Rebekah dating back to the ’20s, when they were both nurses at the hospital. Rebekah and Marcel used her and another witch (who was actually Celeste) in a plan to destroy Klaus and then killed them both. Genevieve reveals this betrayal to Klaus.

Elijah, of course, is looking for his siblings, working with Hayley and Marcel to decipher a puzzle that holds the key to their whereabouts. As they work, they find out that Celeste may be able to lift the curse on Hayley’s family. When they find her, Hayley takes matter into her own hands, while Elijah is forced to save Rebekah and Marcel from Klaus’s wrath.

Joseph Morgan said on Twitter that this episode is the most frightening one yet – and boy, he was not lying. Between the flashbacks to the influenza ward at the hospital and Rebekah’s creepy hallucinations, there were plenty of moments in this one that had me jumping nearly out of my skin.

Oh, Rebekah. What did you do? I’ve spent so much time feeling bad for you, defending you. Even now, I want to say that Klaus brought it on himself by treating you the way that he did. But it’s hard to say that when it seems that this is the one thing there is no coming back from. Klaus has proven himself surprisingly willing to forgive, but I just don’t see that happening here.

Poor Klaus. Despite their history, he clings to his hope that Rebekah would never betray him for as long as he possibly can. But for all the drama of their showdown at the end of the episode, it doesn’t hold a candle to the look on Klaus’s face when he realizes that Elijah is choosing to save Rebekah. Both their relationships with Rebekah aside, the bond between Klaus and Elijah has always been special (if tenuous, at times).

I have to hand it to Celeste – she’s clever. She knows about the bond between Klaus and Elijah, so she goes after it.  And why do the dirty work? Just set Klaus on the war path and sit back and watch him destroy Rebekah, and in doing so, his relationship with Elijah. It’s brilliant, in an incredibly underhanded and horrible way.

And that leads me to my only gripe with this episode – Celeste is a powerful witch.  Enough so that even the Originals have trouble with her. Yet Hayley, a pregnant werewolf, manages to knock her out cold because, what, Celeste wasn’t paying attention? Too busy basking in the brilliance of her plan to notice the pregnant chick swinging a 4X4 at her head? Yeah, definitely dropped a few points on the badass scale with that one, Celeste.

Aside from that minor hiccup, a brilliant episode. The fallout should be pretty swift – really looking forward to it!


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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