TV REVIEW: The Originals Episode 1.16 – “Farewell to Storyville”

You have a love a show that can keep you on the edge of your seat, despite spending most of the episode on a sibling squabble. The Originals has always been about the surprisingly unshakeable bond between the Mikaelsons, and “Farewell to Storyville” showcases that beautifully.

First, the non-sibling stuff. Davina is suffering from witchy PTSD, and we discover that the ancestors were not well pleased with her while she was hovering in limbo. She thinks she has a friend in Cami, but Cami just wants her uncle’s hex removed. Marcel, meanwhile, is running around trying to get someone to free Rebekah from the cemetery. When he finds out Davina can’t, he turns to Genevieve – she agrees, but only if he’ll turn Davina over to her.

The real meat – har har – of this episode is the beef – har har again – between Klaus and Rebekah. Elijah spends much of it incapacitated by Papa Tunde’s blade, so Klaus and Rebekah get to hash things out solo. And while Klaus has been stomping around yelling to anyone who will listen about his plans to destroy Rebekah, when the opportunity is presented, he doesn’t do it.

We experience the depth of their bond through flashbacks – a young Klaus protecting Rebekah during a storm, an older Rebekah protecting Klaus from their crazy father and later nearly killing him for Klaus. Seeing all of this, we begin to understand why these crazy kids just can’t seem to quit each other.

Klaus, at his heart, has always just wanted to be loved – he wants someone to have faith in him. Rebekah just wants a family, something she feels Klaus has long denied her. It’s almost tragic, how these two people who have so much to offer each other can’t seem to get it together – and yet, in the end, Klaus lets Rebekah go. He banishes her from New Orleans, sure – but he wouldn’t be Klaus if he didn’t punish her somehow. And deep down, he knows Rebekah wants to leave New Orleans. So he grants her her freedom.

It’s incredibly bittersweet, because we know that Claire Holt has moved on (at least temporarily) to greener, more Australian pastures. But think about it: Klaus let her go. That’s about as close to saying “I love you and want you to be safe” as Klaus is ever going to get. Judging by the final shot of her driving out of New Orleans with a smile on her face, she isn’t too upset about it.

Bye bye, Rebekah – hope we see you again real soon.


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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