TV REVIEW: The Originals Episode 1.17 – “Moon Over Bourbon Street”

After the emotionally charged “Farewell to Storyville,” this week’s episode of The Originals felt like a bit of a disappointment. Even so, it set some important pieces for the remainder of the season into motion.

Still reeling a bit from Rebekah’s departure, to be honest. I’m not the only one, though – Klaus has once again taken up painting to hide his grief at his sister’s departure. He’s also taken up with his sister’s mortal enemy, Genevieve – the woman who revealed Rebekah’s betrayal to him. I know what you’re thinking: he’s got a weird way of dealing with his grief. But if he wasn’t a weird, messed up bundle of contradictions, we wouldn’t love him as much.

The rest of New Orleans is in chaos – supernaturals and humans both falling into disarray and fighting/killing each other. With Klaus otherwise occupied, Elijah takes up the mantle of peace keeper and tries to broker a new treaty between the factions. Hayley finds out and demands that the werewolves get a seat – oh yeah, by the way, the curse on her family has been broken. The episode glosses over this key piece of information, but it looks like Hayley is ready to step forward and lead her peeps.

No one can seem to get on the same page, so Klaus suggests a huge party, which does wind up bringing everyone together. They sign the peace treaty at the end of the episode, but there are a couple of things brewing in the background.

First, Marcel is still looking to take New Orleans back from Klaus, and he’s working with Thierry to do it. Second, Klaus spent some time whispering in Jackson’s ear (you know, Hayley’s almost arranged husband) about making the pack into hybrids. Clearly this appeals to them, because their bites will be fatal to vampires. He conveniently leaves out the bit about the sire bond,  though, which begs the question…what on earth is he up to? Is he building his own army to keep control of New Orleans?

I do enjoy Klaus’s scheming, but I wish he wouldn’t do things behind his brother’s back. Without Rebekah, their relationship seems to be more strained than usual. Dysfunctional though they are, they worked really well as a trio.

Hayley really stood out in this episode. She has never been afraid to mouth off to any of the Originals, but it finally feels like she’s ready to be more than just the girl pregnant with Klaus’s baby. She has more than proven that she can take care of herself, now she gets a chance to shine as a real leader for her people, having already saved them from their curse.

Poor Cami had a rough time of it this week – her uncle is slowly, but surely, deteriorating as a result of the hex. Her brief moment of happiness (a bedroom romp with Marcel) felt cheap because Marcel clearly had an ulterior motive. Davina, on the other hand, finally got her groove (and magic) back after connecting with Josh again. Good thing, too, because Monique is really starting to annoy me. Hopefully, this will shut her up for a while.


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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