TV REVIEW: The Originals Episode 108 – “The River in Reverse”

The Originals PromoWhile Rebekah and Marcel plot against Klaus, Hayley nurses a sick Elijah and discovers more about her long-lost family.



This week’s episode of The Originals was definitely its most dramatic to date, with a whole lot of you-know-what hitting the fan in The Big Easy.

Hayley and Elijah are still out in the bayou, where Elijah is starting to feel the effects of Klaus’s bite. Hayley stays at his side through the hallucinations, but soon realizes that they are not alone. She finds a woman spying on them – after questioning, the woman reveals herself to be a member of Hayley’s family. She gives Hayley a quick rundown of the pack’s fate: Marcel hunted and killed most of them, and the descendants of those who remained were cursed. Meanwhile, Hayley’s feelings for Elijah continue to grow, but he warns her that nothing good comes of being too close to him.

Back in the city, Rebekah and Marcel are planning to take Klaus on. They go with numbers and manage to capture him; for a while, everything looks to be going in their favor. However, Klaus soon breaks out the hybrid super strength and it becomes clear that none of them will survive his wrath. Rebekah convinces Marcel to pledge his loyalty to Klaus in order to save his life. He reluctantly agrees, and the battle is called to a halt. Klaus: 1, Marcel: 0.

At the plantation, Klaus confronts both Elijah and Rebekah and accuses them of turning their backs on him. Rather than punish them, however, he leaves them at the plantation while he goes to reclaim their home from Marcel, taking Hayley with him.

While all of this is going on, the bartender Cami (remember her?) is slowly starting to figure out that Klaus and Marcel are not who they appear to be.

If you’re a Klaus fan like me, you will love this episode for multiple reasons. Since we’ve met Klaus, he’s always been – well, pretty much a monster, but there was always a hint of something else underneath it all. A driving desire to be loved and respected, sure, but also loneliness. At a very basic level, Klaus feels like he’s all alone. Throughout this season, we’ve seen some progress toward mending that, through his siblings and through his baby. Now it’s all gone to hell.

First, the fight scene. Klaus is usually orchestrating things from the background, while occasionally getting his hands dirty, but it was really fun to see him kick total butt. There was just no way he was losing this battle, especially once he found out that Rebekah was behind it. While I like Rebekah, that actually made me root for Klaus more. It was almost chilling to watch the realization on her face, the moment when she figures out that this is not a battle they’re going to win.

In addition to the fight, there’s a great scene back at the plantation when Klaus confronts his siblings and reveals to them how much they’ve hurt him. This is easily the most vulnerable we’ve ever seen him, and kudos to Joseph Morgan for straddling that line for so long only to throw us headlong into it this week. Just really, really good stuff.

Hayley’s relationship with Elijah continues to grow, but we did learn some interesting things about Elijah’s past while he was in the grips of his fever. Apparently he used to be in love with a witch, and Klaus orchestrated her murder. This is what drives him to tell Hayley to stay away from him, which should make for some great tension as we progress further into the season. For some reason, I am really pulling for these two to make it.

This was probably my favorite episode so far – this show just keeps getting better and better as the season progresses.


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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