TV REVIEW: The Originals Episode 109 – “Reigning Pain in New Orleans”

The OriginalsThe mid-season finale is already here! Klaus works with Marcel to take the reins of his fragile new empire, while surprising new information comes out about the werewolves in the bayou.



To gain trust and prove to the vampires that he’s not out to sire hybrids, Klaus orders a hunt on the remaining werewolves in the bayou. Desperate to save them, Hayley turns to Rebekah and Elijah for help. While on babysitting duty, they discover that some of the wolves may be related to Klaus – descendants of his real father.

Klaus and Marcel form an uneasy partnership while Marcel attempts to show Klaus the ropes. Things get off to a rocky start with the human faction, but they eventually appear to be on the same page. Klaus confesses all of his machinations since arriving in New Orleans, and offers Marcel a place ruling at his side, as equals.

Davina is moved to Klaus’s compound, where she discovers that the last witch elder, Agnes, was killed by Elijah. Upset that Marcel hid the truth from her, she goes to Cami, who has been trying to piece things together after repeated compulsions by Klaus. Davina realizes what Klaus has done, and returns her memories to her.

A good episode, but not nearly exciting enough for a mid-season finale. I was hoping for more…something.

We see a different side of Klaus now that he’s in charge. Yes, he is still ruthless (as he proved by his disposal of the human faction), but he is also wise and listens to Marcel’s counsel. To me, it feels like this is mostly because he really wants Marcel to love him again as a friend. I can’t really blame the guy – it seems that there was genuine affection between them in the past.

The whole episode felt very much like a new beginning for Klaus, in that he was airing all of his past sins to wipe the slate clean. He has begun the arduous journey of repairing things with Elijah and Rebekah – of accepting their apology, at least – and he seems genuinely interested in taking care of his child. I don’t know how long it will last, it never seems to with him, but I do so desperately want him and Elijah to be friends, so I will keep rooting for him!

While we saw snippets of the kinder, gentler Klaus this episode, I can’t quite shake the sense of foreboding I feel about the whole thing. He’s got a multitude of people possibly planning against him – Hayley, Davina, Marcel – and he’s so fragile at the moment that another betrayal could quite possibly break him.

There are definitely some feelings between Hayley and Elijah, and I am really enjoying watching their dynamic play out. They’re in an awkward situation, given that she’s pregnant with Elijah’s niece, but it’s clear that the pull is getting harder to resist.

Cami and Davina seem poised to play more of a central role in the second half of the season. With Davina on the rampage and Cami out for revenge against the vampires, there’s no telling what sort of havoc they’ll wreak together. Sadly, we’ll have to wait until January 14th to see!

Not what I would’ve expected for a mid-season finale from a CW show, but entertaining nonetheless.


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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