TV REVIEW: The Originals Season 1, Episode 6 – “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree”

The OriginalsMarcel gains some important leverage in his war against Klaus, while Elijah shows the witches (and all of New Orleans) who’s boss.




After last week’s discovery that Sophie Devereaux has been using them to get her hands on Davina, Elijah calls off their deal to help the witches against Marcel. He figures out a way to use Davina to sever the link between Sophie and Hayley, and just in the nick of time. Spooked by the vision that Klaus’s baby will bring death to all witches, the witch elder Agnes makes another attempt on the baby’s life. Davina cuts the link just in time, and Elijah quickly doles out some punishment.

While the OGs deal with the witches, Marcel has a conversation with one of Klaus’s night walker flunkies that gets him thinking. He decides to do some digging (literally) and goes to visit Thierry, asking him once again about the incident that led to him killing another vamp – the one that Klaus orchestrated. The conversation is enough to make Marcel suspicious, and after an unintentional hint from Rebekah, he discovers where Klaus and the rest of the OGs are really living. He goes to pay a visit, and poor Hayley answers the door.

Three guesses what happens next…

This episode was all about Elijah for me. No matter how much Klaus likes to pretend that he’s the big man on campus, Elijah’s back for all of a few minutes before he’s taking charge. And he’s so good at it; everyone responds to Elijah, even Klaus (though grudgingly). The scene in the church where he confronts Agnes – wow. Just, wow. Well done, Mr. Gillies. Klaus may be reckless and brutal, but he doesn’t really hold a candle to Elijah’s finesse. And I love Klaus!

Speaking of the witches, I am not sure if we’re supposed to be sympathetic to their plight. If we are, the writers are doing a really bad job making them into Marcel’s victims. Alright fine, they’re oppressed by the vamps and not allowed to practice magic…but do we really want them to? They have bizarre rituals where they perform some form of human sacrifice (albeit temporarily), they lie, they use cursed items, they hex people, they kidnap and try to kill Hayley all the time. Need I go on? I am having trouble figuring out why I am supposed to care about them.

It appears as though the prophecy about Klaus’s baby is coming true, though – without Agnes, they won’t be able to complete the Harvest ritual, and will therefore lose their powers. Unless, of course, something else happens to change that – which, let’s face it, is highly likely.

Another bad week for poor Hayley, and you really have to wonder how much longer she’s going to stand for being part of this freak show. She’s easily the most vulnerable one at the moment, which must be difficult for her. I have to hand it to Phoebe Tonkin – against all odds, Hayley is really starting to grow on me. I hope we get to see more of her being a badass in the near future.


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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