TV REVIEW: The Originals Season 1, Episode 7 – “Bloodletting”

The OriginalsThe Originals sustains its momentum in Episode 7, when Klaus gets surprised by an unwelcome visitor and Rebekah finds herself in an awkward position.



It turns out that it wasn’t Marcel who took Hayley – it was Tyler Lockwood. He reveals what the witches have been so uneasy about – the baby’s blood can be used to create more hybrids, and that this has been Klaus’s plan all along. Elijah and Klaus follow them to the bayou, and in an impressive display of manly yelling and rolling around on the ground, Klaus and Tyler finally have it out. When Hayley tells Elijah about the baby, he’s quick to believe the worst of Klaus.

Klaus winds up letting Tyler go, but when Hayley and Elijah confront him with Tyler’s accusations,  he gets angry and retaliates by biting Elijah and abandoning them in the bayou. He finds Rebekah back at the house and tells her what he did, basically threatening her into helping him with his plan against Marcel. Little does he know she’s spent nearly the entire show with Marcel, who’s tried to convince her to help him defeat Klaus.

Looks like Klaus is going to need the help – the episode closes on a meeting between Marcel and Tyler Lockwood, during which Tyler reveals the news about the baby.

It’s not often that I speak against Klaus; he’s entertained me immensely from the very beginning, despite his despicable ways. But he really mucked things up in this episode. For someone who’s so ruthless, he’s incredibly emotional and doesn’t stop to think things through. On the one hand, he’s incredibly calculating and seemingly one step ahead of his enemies at all times. On the other, he makes impulsive decisions that make absolutely no sense.

That being said, I do feel the need to defend him a little bit, because it appeared that he really didn’t have any clue about the baby being able to make new hybrids. Not that he’s ever given anyone a reason to give him the benefit of the doubt, but Elijah’s accusations clearly hurt him. I really do think there’s a part of him that really wants Elijah’s approval, he just has no idea how to go about it.

It seems like we’re finally going to start finding out more about Hayley’s past/family. I’m glad, considering this is the reason she first came to New Orleans, and hopefully it will give her something to do other than be caught in the crossfire of Klaus’s war against everyone. Looks like Rebekah will be filling that role quite nicely for the next little while, as she’s forced to spy on Marcel for Klaus, while lying to Klaus about what Marcel is planning. I can’t see this ending well for her.

The show is taking a mini-break next week, but it looks like we’ll be getting ready for all out war when it returns. Time to pick a side, folks!


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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