TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Episode 5.07 – “Death and the Maiden”

The Vampire DiariesThis week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries felt almost like a mini-finale of sorts, even though we’re only 7 episodes into the season.

In a last-ditch effort to save Bonnie, the gang hatches a plot that brings them an unexpected ally. But will all of them survive to see it through?



When I say that this episode felt like a mini-finale, it was strictly due to the high body count (relatively speaking). It felt a lot like they were wrapping up loose ends and closing out this whole Silas/Amara/Tessa storyline so they could move on to other things.

Upon further examination, the gang realizes that, as the anchor, Amara exists in both the physical world and on the other side (i.e., supernatural purgatory). She can can interact with beings in both places, and they can interact with her. They come up with a plan to transfer the anchor spell from Amara to Bonnie – they need Tessa to do this, but since she still gets what she wants (for Silas and Amara to be separated forever), she’s on board. Now, they just need to make the switcheroo before Silas arrives to kill Amara.

Stefan is struggling with the return of his memories, reliving his summer at the bottom of the lake over and over. He hopes that killing Silas will help him get over this. While Tessa works on the spell, he lies in wait until Amara’s purpose is served and then snatches her to lure Silas away. It works – when Silas can’t kill Amara, Stefan kills him. Amara then stabs herself, putting the whole plan in jeopardy – if she dies before the transfer is complete, then the other side is destroyed and their chance to save Bonnie is lost. Thankfully, she holds out long enough to complete the spell. Bonnie is back – seeing her plan is complete, Tessa takes her own life so she can be with him on the other side.

Despite this, there are some lingering issues. First of all, killing Silas has done nothing to ease Stefan’s suffering. Secondly, Bonnie discovers a nasty side effect of being the anchor – every person who dies has to pass through her, causing her extreme amounts of pain. We’ll see how long she can hold out.

So we lost the 3 characters whose story has driven the plot for the last season. Amara has passed on, while Silas and Tessa are together in supe purgatory. Given that he didn’t get what he wants, I can’t imagine that this is the last we’ll see of Silas – he really doesn’t seem the type to forgive and forget. In addition to Bonnie’s newfound troubles, she’s also still vulnerable as the anchor, and I am hoping that means that Silas will continue to be a factor.

Nina Dobrev got to show off her acting chops as all 3 doppelgängers in this episode. She pulls it off admirably – there’s always been a distinct difference between Elena and Katherine, but she brought Amara to life as well, given the relatively short time frame we had with her.

I am concerned about Stefan – how much will he be able to take before turning off his humanity? I enjoyed his conversation with Elena and Damon at the end of the episode, where he revealed that he wanted it to be them who rescued him from the bottom of the lake. He’s more the type to suffer in silence, so I’m glad he gave voice to the very obvious elephant in the room.

With Silas gone, the show will need new villains – perhaps we’ll start to see more of Professor Maxfield and his Society, neither of which was a real factor in this episode. I hope that’s not it, though – the best villains on The Vampire Diaries are always the supernatural ones, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the writers have one tucked somewhere up their sleeves.


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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