TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Episode 5.12 – “The Devil Inside”

After last week’s milestone episode, The Vampire Diaries surges forward with another great episode that’s sure to get fans talking.

A number of devastating things happen in this week’s episode, “The Devil Inside.” Enzo returns to toy with Damon, though they eventually wind up on the same page after Damon’s efforts to get Elena back go terribly wrong. Tyler returned at the end of the last episode to little fanfare, but Matt does his best to remedy that by throwing him a party this week. Sadly, at said party he finds out about Caroline’s dalliance with Klaus and promptly goes bananas. And, finally, the catalyst for all of these things – Katherine gains “permanent”  control of Elena’s body thanks to some Traveler magic.

I have to hand it to her – Katherine went from her death-bed to wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls in record time. After using Matt to learn some Elena facts, she proceeds to “accidentally” reveal Caroline’s tryst to Tyler and then crushes all of Damon’s hopes and dreams, all within about 20 minutes. Damon, who has been dealing with Enzo’s bad influence, decides to give in to his baser instincts and goes back to his old murderous ways (bye-bye, Aaron Whitmore – we hardly knew ye).

This means that things are going to be really interesting around Mystic Falls for the first time in a while. I have to admit, unapologetically crazy Damon has always been my favorite, though I am not all too pleased with the reason for this reappearance.

It seems like everything with this show eventually devolves into an argument of Stefan vs. Damon – or, more specifically, Stelena vs. Delena. I am traditionally in the Stelena camp, though my opinion of Elena has eroded so much over the past couple of seasons that I kind of feel like she and Damon deserve each other.

However, I can’t help but feel like Damon should know that something was up with Elena. Right before Katherine cut him down, he was going on and on about how she’s good and he could never change that about her – and then he unequivocally accepts it a minute later when she cuts him down. Why? Because Damon has always only ever cared about himself. His feelings are hurt, so he overlooks the obvious big picture – Elena would never do what Katherine did. At this point, I really want to believe that’s he changed so that he’ll realize something is up. Otherwise, they’ve completely dismantled all the character “building” they’ve been working on these past few seasons.

But hey, it should be fun watching him and Enzo for a bit, right?

We saw some pretty hefty fallout from the Klaroline portion of the 100th episode. It’s understandable, really – Klaus has now taken literally everything from Tyler. I want to care more, but I’ve always found Tyler to be so completely unlikable as a character. Which is a bit demented, when I consider how much I like Klaus. However, we did get some bonus Stefan and Caroline being besties, and I will never, ever say no to that.

I am really hoping things keep up with this pace – it’ll be interesting to see how the writers handle Katherine’s stint in Elena’s body. Few things are ever permanent on this show, so I doubt we’ve seen the last of Elena.

Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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