TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Episode 5.13 – “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

I gotta hand it to him…when Damon goes off the deep end, he really goes off the deep end.

Still reeling from “Elena’s” rejection last week, Damon throws himself into his newly resurrected friendship with Enzo. Now that Aaron’s dead, the two homicidal maniacs set their sights on Dr. Maxfield. They can’t find him, so they enlist Bonnie’s help in finding a witch to help them do a locator spell. And by “enlist” I mean they kidnap Jeremy and threaten to kill him if she doesn’t comply. Thankfully, she comes through.

Katherine is loving life in Elena’s body, setting her sights on getting Stefan back. She doesn’t appear to be doing too badly when the news of Jeremy’s kidnapping reaches them. After a hilarious conversation with Nadia, she goes with Stefan to save Jeremy. Stefan and Enzo fight, but Damon arrives to tell them the locator spell has worked. As Damon is leaving, Stefan tells him not to come back.

Damon and Enzo arrive at Whitmore House to find Wes with a group of Travelers, who distract them long enough for Wes to inject Damon with his Augustine serum. Damon finds a hostage vampire down in the lab and sets him loose, but then the serum kicks in and he feeds on him, killing him. Looks like Damon is officially an Augustine vampire.

I wanted to enjoy this episode a lot more than I did – however, it’s just so sad what’s happening to Damon. And I don’t mean sad in an “awww, poor guy” kind of way. I mean sad in a pathetic kind of way.

Damon, for all his faults (and as much as I hate to admit it), is an incredibly complex character. He’s shown amazing growth for Elena’s sake, but he’s always had one fatal flaw: he cannot take even the slightest hint of rejection. As soon as he thinks someone is turning away from him, he closes down and lashes out. When he was just angry at the world and looking for revenge on Katherine (think Season One Damon), it was incredibly entertaining to watch. Now that his feelings have been hurt, it’s just kind of annoying. Snap out of it, brother!

Katherine’s conversations with Nadia were definitely a highlight of the episode. Listening to Nadia convince Katherine that it is decidedly not ok to let Jeremy die was priceless. You have to hand it to her – Katherine is impressively goal oriented. She’s going to have to curb that, though, because someone is eventually going to pick up on it.

I was disappointed in Stefan, telling Damon not to come back. Mostly because I need for the two of them to have a relationship in order to keep watching this show. However, I think that he’s going to come through for his brother, because he’s a better person than Damon. And if Stefan gives up on him, then all is completely lost, because I really don’t think there’s anyone that can bring him back, not even Elena.

We’ll have to wait until February 27th to see what happens next!


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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