TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Episode 5.15 – “Gone Girl”

I don’t know whether the writers intended it this way, but I thought this episode was much more powerful than the episode from a couple of months ago where Katherine was originally dying.

Thanks to Tyler’s bite, Nadia is spending her last hours hallucinating about her lifetime of searching for her mother. Katherine is doing all she can to keep her safe, but it complicates things when she discovers that the gang has figured out she’s hijacking Elena’s body. Desperate, she turns to Wes for help finding an antidote for the werewolf venom.

Damon is still under lock and key at the Salvatore house, until he tricks the easy-to-anger Tyler into releasing him. He finds Wes and exacts his revenge in spades. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Jeremy track down Liv (the rookie witch they used a few episodes back) to help them track Katherine down. They find Nadia and bring her back to the house, using her to lure Katherine back to the house. It works, and there are some pretty touching moments between mother and daughter before Nadia dies.

Katherine, knowing that her time is up, said her goodbyes – her real ones this time – and Stefan stabs her with the traveller knife, expelling her from Elena’s body. When the time comes for her to pass over, she can’t resist gloating a bit and reveals a secret to Bonnie that puts Elena in mortal danger. Also, she’s not allowed to pass over to the other side – instead, she’s swept off into some strange witchy abyss.

I am not entirely sure where Katherine has gone now – when she was trying to pass over and Bonnie said it wasn’t up to her, I can only assume that the it’s the ancient witches who decide, and they’re the ones that dragged her off to punish her for eternity. Either way, it seems we haven’t yet seen the last of Katherine Pierce.

Poor Nadia. She’s done some pretty bad things since we’ve known her, but all of it was with the aim of finding her mother. And she really wasn’t all that bad a person – just goal-oriented. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her either, though. The camera kept focusing on her after she died, so it makes me feel as though something’s going to happen with her body and she’s somehow going to come back to us.

Is it weird that I find Katherine’s undying love for Stefan kind of sweet? No matter what else she’s done, her love for him has endured for centuries. It was fun to watch her say her good-byes to everyone else, as well. Last time she was really ill and dying, so we got to see everyone else’s side of the story more. Also, injecting Elena’s body with the werewolf venom was a stroke of genius, wasn’t it? Atta girl – if you gotta go, take her out with you!


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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