TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Episode 5.17 – “Rescue Me”

Coming up on the home stretch, The Vampire Diaries heats things up this week.

While Damon and Elena angst over the fact that they can’t keep their hands off each other, Caroline is busy trying to save Stefan from the crazy Travelers. She and Enzo are off in Atlanta trying to locate the elusive Tom Avery so they can give him the old heave-ho and make Stefan the last Silas doppelgänger standing. They find him, of course, but as things tend to go on this show, things go a bit sideways.

In parental mode, Elena is attending parent-teacher conferences at Jeremy’s school. Apparently he’s been quite the naughty boy, owing to the fact that he doesn’t have a stable home environment (you think?). As if that wasn’t bad enough, Damon just won’t stop being a sexy beast and distracting her – the nerve. Not only that, she has to deal with crazy witches come to do her bodily harm. Thankfully, she has Matt, Jeremy, and Tyler in her corner.

Caroline returns to find Stefan still captive, and they have a lovely moment together. The following day, they go off looking for Stefan’s Traveler captives, only to find them in the midst of some ritual meant to bring a mysterious figure back from the dead (via Bonnie – nice job, anchor).

The most surprising thing about this episode for me was the realization is that Jeremy is still in high school. I mean, really? Isn’t he like, 30? Certainly feels like it, at this point.

I jest, though (mostly). Overall, I thought this episode was an improvement over last week, but last week was a real clunker, so it couldn’t have been any worse.

Caroline very clearly wins the day for me in this episode. There is nothing she won’t do for Stefan – except, apparently, killing doppelgängers to save his life. But even that is so completely in character for her. Stefan himself reveals that he let her go only because he knew she wouldn’t be able to do it. The two of them have a really sweet moment when she gets back and reveals her failure to him. She is riddled with guilt at not being able to do it, but he reassures her like only he can. I know there are people clamoring for them to get together, but I love their friendship so much, I’d almost hate to see it ruined by sex.

Candice Accola has outstripped pretty much everyone on the show – she has chemistry with practically everyone, even the disarmingly charming Enzo. And let’s talk about Enzo for a minute. Played by Michael Malarkey (seriously, how awesome is that name?), he’s really starting to appeal to me. He’s got Klaus’s charm – minus the crazy eyes and centuries of daddy issues – he’s funny, and he keeps up quite nicely with Caroline. It was a lot of fun watching him flirt with her, and he definitely had a couple of the more shocking moments of the episode. Well played, sir!

I am glad we’re finally getting some movement on the Travelers, those sneaky bastards. Thus far they’ve been meandering in and out of episodes, chanting aimlessly, but it appears as though that was part of an actual plan. Here comes the next big baddie, me thinks.

Looking forward to learning more!


Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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