TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 5 – “Monster’s Ball”

TVD_promoComing off arguably the best episode of the young season so far, did “Monster’s Ball” carry on the momentum of its predecessor?

Sadly, no – but it definitely had its moments.




With Elena back at college trying to honor Bonnie’s wishes that she move on, Damon and Jeremy scheme to bring Bonnie back to life. In doing so, they have to team up with Silas. The plan is this: when Silas takes the cure (i.e. Katherine’s blood), he will lose his immortality and revert to being a witch. As a witch, he can perform a spell that will exchange his life for Bonnie’s. Since he already wants to die, sounds easy peasy, right?

Not so much. First there’s the matter of catching Katherine, who is hanging out with Nadia (the Czech traveller who possessed Matt). When Katherine inquires after Nadia’s interest in her, Nadia reveals a connection between them that shocks Katherine. And then there’s the fact that Silas can no longer read minds, since his brain is linked to Stefan’s. Thankfully, he’s got Damon to help him with that – they make a pact wherein Damon agrees to kill Stefan (repeatedly), which severs the link between him and Silas, allowing Silas to get into Quetsia’s head. It’s all going swimmingly until Stefan turns the tables on Damon, allowing Quetsia to desiccate Silas.

All is made well, though, when Katherine shows up at Casa del Salvatore and Damon feeds her to Silas.

This episode certainly didn’t live up to last week’s, but I wasn’t really expecting it to.

There’s another party – a costume ball – at the college, around which this entire episode centers. You’d think that, given their track record, the Mystic Falls folks would learn to stay away from public events. But who doesn’t love a good costume party?

It was good to see Silas again, though he’s lost some of his evil edge now that he’s lost the ability to mind control. Instead, he’s just relying on ruthlessness and immortality to get the job done, which isn’t working quite as well, considering he goes and gets himself desiccated.

The wedge driven between the Salvatore brothers just gets bigger and bigger, as Damon spent most of the episode breaking Stefan’s neck (and enjoying it a little too much). In fairness, Stefan did tell him last week that he wanted nothing to do with him, but that’s never stopped either one of them from caring before. And yes, in some vague, roundabout way, bringing Bonnie back is to Stefan’s benefit, but I am starting to have a hard time seeing how there’s going to be any reconciliation between these two. Even when Stefan has his memory back, there is no guarantee he’ll be the same person he was before. In fact, I’m betting that he’s not.

Speaking of reconciliation, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Bonnie and Tyler, even after Tyler’s surprise reappearance last week. He’s revealed now that his desire for vengeance against Klaus is stronger than his love for Caroline, and that is definitely not the way to a woman’s heart. It’s alright though – this frees Caroline up for other activities, like road trips. To New Orleans, perhaps?

Now that all the pieces are falling into place for Bonnie’s return, can Silas be counted on to keep his word to bring Bonnie back? I am guessing not, but I’ll definitely be tuning in next week to find out.


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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