V Season 1 Episode 7 John May

After last week’s episode of V, we all hoped that episode 7 – entitled John may – would be a little more exciting, and move the story of the series on a little bit more. Sadly, this is not the case. There is plenty going on in the episode, but most of it is very unexciting.

Erica and her band of rebels are concerned about Georgie being held captive on the V ship after his noble sacrifice to allow Ryan to escape. In order to get in touch with Joshua – the Fifth Column member on the V ship – they travel to John May’s stepson’s house. James tells us that John May – the name that all of the rebels have rallied around – died many years ago. Over the course of the episode it is revealed that Ryan was the V who killed May – but it was this that led to him empathising with human emotions and meeting his girl, Valerie.

There is a whole sequence here in the finding and enlisting of James May that could have been avoided. It felt as though this part of the story was added for the sake of filling out the episode. It did little to move the plot on, and the communication device that the gang found just looks silly – a little glowing blue ball? Not what we would expect from a highly evolved alien culture.

There is also the idea that Georgie was still alive on the V ship – it seemed to be a foregone conclusion that when the V got him, he was a dead man, yet he was still soldiering on and not telling the Vs anything. A little pointless also. This could have been skipped. We didn’t need to see Georgie being tortured to know that he would not tell the Vs anything. There was one nice moment in the torture sequence though – the clever editing between Georgie’s screams and Anna’s declarations that “We are of peace… Always”.

There was a lot of talk in the episode about telling Tyler the ‘truth’. Turns out that he is not, as he thought, the son of Joe Evans. Of course this leads to a world class hissy from Tyler and he goes back to New York to confront Erica on it. She doesn’t deny it either – cue a lot of tears and slammed doors.

As well as this, Valerie discovers a safe in the wardrobe and breaks it open. She discovers the truth about her boyfriend Ryan – just as he resolves to tell her everything – and leaves him. This is sure to come back to bite everyone involved, especially seeing as she is pregnant with Ryan’s child. Anna is sure to want to get her claws on that child.

Speaking of Anna, it seems that she is ready to give birth as well… Should be interesting.

Overall, another slow episode of V. Yes, the story is moving, but not at any sort of a pace. It feels as though the writers of the show were not prepared for such a long season, and had to pad out the episodes to fill the air time. Maybe it would have been better for the show to have a shorter season for the sake of pace? Also, the CGI is still rubbish. Sort it out, V.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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