Waiting For The Trade – Requiem Vampire Knight: Dragon Blitz & Hellfire Club

Writer: Pat Mills
Artist: Olivier Ledroit
Letterer: Charlotte Reilly

The first half of this collection focuses on a massive battle with sights as diverse as an aroused dragon trying to fuck a triplane to death, to a six-armed, six-breasted mutant leaping from a pirate ship zeppelin in order to steal vats of vampire drugs for a twisted undead nun…y’know, pretty normal stuff. The series continues to earn its “Mature Readers Only” tag, from extreme violence, rape, full-frontal nudity to drug use, it ticks all the boxes.

If anything this tale of a lovelorn vampire in an afterlife Anti-earth called Resurrection gets weirder as each collection goes by. That’s part of my problem with the pacing of the book, the ideas seem not to be given an opportunity to settle into the brain before the next incredible sight or unbelievably twisted event is upon you. The first two collections in the series didn’t really give me a character that I could get behind, Heinrich started out with an engaging back story but it became muddied and I’m now not entirely sure who or what he is as the second chapter gives us some background on the character of Thurim with whom Heinrich shares his body and fate whilst carrying forward the scheming of the various factions in Resurrection.

The painted art continues to be breathtaking, Olivier Ledroit’s has a great design sense and there’s a ton of easter eggs thrown in for the observant…an example being Hellboy cast as a demon groundkeeper tidying up a rain of carnivorous still-born demons.

Again the book is let down by its lettering. Whilst better than earlier collections (we reviewed Vol 1 in WFTT #64) it still lacks any flair, it’s an utterly mechanical affair which places all dialogue in the same rectangular balloons using the same font with colour variation and very occasional use of a different line for the balloon or sound effects. The book deserves and needs better.

Reviewer: Dave Williams

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