BOOK REVIEW: Whispers of Flame

Title: Whispers of Flame

Author: Louis Emery

Published: Nov 2017

RRP: $9.99 (Paperback) / $1.32 (Kindle)


Fifteen-year-old orphan Ethlin prophesizes the tumultuous future and knows when distant dragons breathe fire. She is rumored to be a true Seer, someone who comes around every thousand years and holds the power to make the greatest knights her champions and the most ferocious enemies afraid. With the fate of his king and kingdom threatened, melancholic Kingsguard Ser Malcolm Longstride must protect this girl on the way to Dragon Mount where the wizards of the Gathered reside. He soon risks everything for this girl who so much resembles the sister he lost…

The journey proves difficult as Ethlin wrestles personal demons: being horribly bullied as a child, riddled with self-doubt and afraid of being a “freak”, and daunted by the possibility that she will harm those she loves with her powers and ultimately fail, never reaching her prophesized potential. With an old mage and three knights, Ethlin and Malcolm traverse war-ravaged kingdoms, barbarian-infested wilderness, and cultist enemy lines. Never in her life could Ethlin have predicted where this journey would lead.

Whispers of Flame is a quick read but I can’t say that it was a satisfying one.

It is a short story that really should have been a longer novel for the amount that the author wishes to fit in. In lack of story and character development, the story is not sufficiently fleshed out to allow for the reader to empathise for the protagonists or become significantly enthralled in the adventure elements.

In this case as the story progresses, the elements of danger or threat to the characters take the tone of ‘in one bound Jack was free’. In compliment to the author, the frustration with this book is that I would like the characters and the universe to be more fully explained, there is a huge amount of potential for this to be an enthralling novel.

In terms of the enemies and the history between the different factions, there is potential for a trilogy in explaining the beginning, middle and conclusion of this world which could be fascinating.

In reaction, I would recommend that this author give us more. What I read I loved but was left a bit bereft that it was all over so soon a bit like spending time in a country on a stop over when in fact one may have liked to vacation there a few days.

Rating: 3/5

Reviewer: Amy B

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