Mondasian Cybermen Return to Menace The Doctor!

Pretty much since he was announced as taking on the role of the iconic Time Lord in BBC television’s Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi has been mentioning the “Mondasian Cybermen” as being an old enemy he’d like to encounter. Indeed, this was his response to me when I asked him that very question in a round table during filming of the Zygon two-parter. For those who don’t know, the “Mondasian” Cybermen are those from the original series – humans from Earth’s twin planet which was knocked out of the solar system. This tragedy caused the inhabitants of Mondas to resort to Cyber-conversion as a means of survival. The Doctor first encountered the race when Mondas returned to menace Earth.

While all the Cybermen from the original series owe their origin to Mondas, Capaldi was specifically referring to those Cybermen from that first story. Creatures with bulky chest units, organic looking hands and masks through which human features were still somewhat discernible. With their massive size and eerie manner of speech – I can understand why Capaldi is keen to encounter them. Indeed, the Cybermen are my favourite foe of the Doctor’s – the very nature of them touched something deep in my core and I always look forward to their return (more then the Daleks or Missy) despite their – in my opinion – poor handling in many of the stories they have appeared in since 2005’s relaunch of Doctor Who.

Yesterday, the BBC confirmed that these Mondasian Cybermen will be returning to Doctor Who in the finale episodes of this year’s season. Here’s the official press release:

Filming has begun on the final two episodes of Doctor Who series 10, with this first look image revealing the return of a much-feared classic foe.


The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is pictured with the Mondasian Cybermen – the original version of the Doctor’s deadly enemies who hail from the planet Mondas and have not been seen in Doctor Who for over fifty years.


The Mondasian Cybermen – Peter Capaldi’s long-time favourite foe – will return in episodes 11 and 12 of the series, alongside Capaldi as The Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, Matt Lucas as Nardole and Michelle Gomez as Missy. The episodes, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Rachel Talalay, are now filming in Cardiff.


The new series of Doctor Who begins on BBC One on Saturday 15 April.

I’m really excited about the news – especially having seen the image (below) which shows how the original design has been refined to make the Cybermen slightly less cumbersome than their original costumes made them.

Here’s an image of Capaldi’s Doctor being menaced by these old foes.

Doctor Who Mondasian Cybermen

And here’s the originals as they appeared in the North Pole, back in 1966.

the 10th planet cybermen

I love how faithful this re-design is while still having a more modern aesthetic. Can’t wait.

Source: Press Release
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