A British Superhero Drama is Coming to the BBC

I stumbled across this completely by chance and I’m surprised I haven’t seen this on other UK comic sites yet. According to the Stage the BBC are planning to make a show called Superpower which they are touting as a fresh take on Superheroes.

The reason I’m going to be following this story to it’s bitter end is the person they have bought on to helm the project is Joe Ahearne. Joe was one of the writers on one of my favourite UK genre shows, Ultraviolet.

According to the story Ahearne is a marvel fan (we’ll put that to the test if we swing an interview with him). He also goes on to stress that this will be different from the Heroes TV series which what was going through my head.

I’ll leave the final word to Joe and wish him all the best because he pulls it off I’ll buy him a pint (ok maybe two)!

“It is a new and original super-hero idea which is not a send-up. All the super-hero stuff that is on TV in this country – ITV’s No Heroics, My Hero – British TV is happy to do if it is a send-up, but no one has done it for real. There is a particular gimmick in mine, which I won’t give away, but it means it will be refreshed every episode,”

GS Source: IMDB/ The Stage

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Thumbs Up. British drama on the whole has seen a rise in standards the last few years, with genre shows often at the forefront of the rise. Let’s hope this continues the trend. I’m concerned at him being a Marvel fan though. DC plots are better 🙂 (Except The Ultimates obviously – they just rock!)

  2. eza /

    this might be the wrong place to post this message but I was wondering if you could tell me or give me a list of tv series of British superhero/es. I have have seen No Heroic but was wondering if there is another show like that coming from Britian? Thank you for you help

    cheers, Eza

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