BBC’s Musketeers Creator Says Series 2 is ‘Deeper and More Dangerous’

So a few days back I rewatched the finale of the first series of BBC One’s The Musketeers and again I enjoyed it immensely. Still high from the rewatch I decided to get in contact with series creator Adrian Hodges to see if I could get any info on how filming was going. It seems that not only is filming going it’s bleeding well finished..well nearly!

“Musketeers shooting finishes this week. It’s a deeper and more dangerous series than last time – still recognisably the same tone, but probably less jokey than last time (though still witty, I hope) and more serialised than before, with one story going through the whole series as well as various stories of the week. I really hope people will like it. We learned a lot from the first series and hopefully that will show on the screen.” – Adrian Hodges

Deeper, dangerous and less jokey. It will be interesting to see how new villain Comte De Rochefort played by Marc Warren plays into Adrian hints of a darker turn. I hope things don’t go too far to the dark side. The sense of light heartedness that than ran through the first season was something I loved about the show.

Although I liked the individual tales in the first series I’m a sucker for a serialized story, so bring on the overarching plot!

The Musketeers is set to air in the new year and I for one (and for all) cannot wait.

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