Being Human U.S Teaser Trailer

Here it is folks your first proper look at the remake/reboot/whatever of  the US version of Being Human.

It’s a pretty short teaser so there’s not much to go on although my cheese radar peaked with some of the taglines ‘Ladykiller’, ‘Free Spirit’ and ‘Underdog’  first impressions haven’t left as bad a taste as I thought it would. On saying that it wasn’t exactly screaming ‘this is a must watch’ this either. I still don’t see a need for a remake when the show it’s based on is still live,kicking and fantastic. I’m just not sure what extra it can bring to the table that isn’t already being done by the original.

I’ll be interested to see what the first episode is like when this show airs on Syfy next year.

I’m sorry did they say ‘new orginal series?’….hmmm I think not Syfy.

So fans of the UK version lets have your thoughts on this.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. geeksyndicate /

    sorry not buying it

  2. NerdyEngrChick /

    Why didn’t Syfy just buy rights to BBC version of the show? Did they think we Americans are too stupid to understand the actors with their accents? lol. I love the UK version of Being Human, and with the failure that Syfy has been exuding lately I’m sure this version will either suck or it will be awesome and they will drop it mid-season.

  3. Crimson Archer /

    Don’t see the point, especially when it seems to be very close to the tone of the original series. If they’re going to do it, then do something different with it, but this seems to be a remake verbatum. This brings nothing new to the table from when I have seen/heard so far, so… Not interested.

  4. lightstarangel /

    I started watching the original UK version and don’t know why SyFy or even BBC America didn’t just get the rights to air the original here. We don’t need to remake all these British shows — I end up going to find the original because the remake is almost never good. For example, they’re remaking Skins too for MTV, really? Is that necessary?

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