Ben Mckenzie Cast as Detective James Gordon in ‘Gotham’

The upcoming Gotham TV show has found it’s young Detective James Gordon in the form of Ben McKenzie who is best know for his role as trouble teen Ryan Atwood in the OC. More recently he starred in cop drama Southland. Ben is no stranger to Bat universe having played Batman/Bruce way in the animated  adaptation of Batman:Year One

I’ve not seen Ben in Southland but I know others who have who have said he has been fantastic in the show. I did however watch the O.C (don’t judge me!) and he was pretty solid in that so I’m quietly optimistic that this is a good casting choice for a young Gordon.

Hearing some of the plot details coming out of the show (a 10 year old Bruce Wayne) I’m still unsure about the show’s focus  but it is still very early days and until I see some actual footage I will play the wait and see card. I mean on paper I did not think Arrow would work and boy did that show prove me wrong.

What do you think? Good or bad casting?

Reporter: Nuge

Source: cinemablend

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  1. Amaechi /

    I’ve seen all 5 season of Southland and its was a really good and gritty cop drama. I liked Ben McKenzie character progression in the show as he started out as a fresh faced and a little naive rookie and by the last season he had some dark elements to him.

    Having voiced Batman in the TV series is another bonus.

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