Doctor Who Series Five – The Doctor and Daleks images!

So I’m one of those people who although I love the Daleks have kind of become a little bored of them so I wasn’t that impressed to find out they were in the new series. I’ve had a slight mind change after seeing these images that digital spy have up on their website of the Daleks in a world war 2 setting in an episode titled ‘Victory of the Daleks’ I’m assuming¬† this is the same episode which features Spitfires dodging lasers and fighting against spaceships in outer space as seen in the latest trailer.

So the question is can another outing of the Daleks win me over? I’m bloody well hope so as the images look cool and come on Spitfires in outer space!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Digitial Spy

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  1. the thing si the daleks where they usually have there name tag under there eye it has a united kingdom flag there

  2. Spike_p /

    Rumour has it that the premise for this episode is that in the dark days of 1941, Winston Churchill’s secret doomsday weapon to counter the Nazi advance is a captured squad of Daleks – which I applaud, because it means that they can do a 1 episode Dalek story that doesn’t supersize the importance of their appearance with end of the world/end of the multiverse/Time War stuff. Like Daleks in Manhatten, but in a good way (if you can imagine that). You get to do something different with them instead of them just being the undefeatable Big Bad.

    That said, much as I love the fact that they have been kitted out with little camo gun belts and pouches, how useless are those going to be in the field with their stumpy little arms?!

    Noticed as well in the Coming Soon teaser at the end of the last episode – they’ve got little Union Jacks stuck under their eyestalks!

  3. I think we are in safe hands, as Mark Gatiss has written Victory of the Daleks. He loves the show almost as much as Steven Moffatt – maybe more.

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